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    mum`s not well

    Mum has been in EMI for over 13 months now, and although there have been hiccups along the road, (as previous posts explain), generally, mum has been well looked after and cared for. Her strength has been affected by illness, with weight loss included, but her spirit is strong. Mum does smile...
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    March 07 - Announcement from the Alzheimer's Society

    even later than later reading post!!! best wishes Bruce jakky
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    My Story and new Petition on the No.10 Downing Street website.

    all the best, signed this one...... take care jakky
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    mum`s not well

    It has been 10 months since mum went into EMI NH, and as I have previously posted, she seems comfortable as possible, relaxed in the surroundings and raises smiles frequently, (when I`m there, and I`m sure when other family members are there also).... Unfortunately, a member of staff, at the...
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    "Cycle the Isle of Wight"

    thanks to all A big"THANK YOU" "THANK YOU" "THANK YOU" to all who helped raise/supported me with this event TOTAL RAISED : £1041:50 thinking of you all thank you jakky x
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    "Cycle the Isle of Wight"

    Well these are piccys, not sure if done, but hey I enjoyed the ride and it was for a very good reason, I`m sure all fundraisers put that much heart and effort into it... take care and well done to all on the day.. jakky
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    Mum Moved Into Nh Today

    Hiya Cate You have done very good, and still are..... "for mums sake".... ....We moved mum into EMI NH in Feb 06, and were advised, to give mum time to settle into a routine and gain awareness of her new surroundings. 7 months later, I`m not saying all`s brilliant, but mum is cared for...
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    "Cycle the Isle of Wight"

    Dear TP Family I can only describe the support from everyone as "Absolutely Awesome" and a big "Thank You" to All in helping raise £850+ for Alzheimers Society.... Having never been to the Isle Of Wight, the pleasant, scenic routes were somewhat of a very hilly challenge!!! However...
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    mum`s not well

    hi mum has returned to the EMI NH, since breaking her hip. (it appears that she does not realise she has broken anything) mum is mobile with a limp and doesn`t seem to be able too walk far, (compared to previously, where she would walk forever and a day). She never had a second op, which i...
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    Sad news to report.

    Jeanette My mum has just broke her hip, and another operation is taking place as i speak, I can only say, I understand a little of the pain. My thoughts are with you.... take care and keep strong jakky x
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    mum`s not well

    Dad telephoned last night to say mums hip operation, (saturday), was unsuccessful and mum will be having another operation later today. (too much gap between cup & knuckle). Like mums needs all this Cr*p.... When ya think things are going well, start smiling....because something else is...
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    "Cycle the Isle of Wight"

    Dear TP family, Just a short note to let you know I am taking part in "Cycle round the Isle of Wight", on Sunday, 17th September 06, from Ryde. The route consists of enduring a 65 mile ride. I will have completed over 1000 miles during training, (over 8 weeks, including enjoyable 30 minute...
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    help uploading

    good morning Norman, dmc, nada, and everyone yeah... excellent, thanks so much for advice and already recieved donation.. I will do a new thread with attachment but just to say thanks here it is jakky x
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    help uploading

    Hello everyone on TP My main thread is "mums not well", and unfortunately mum has just broke her left hip. An operation took place on sat afternoon to repair damage. hopefully successful. 1-2 weeks away. however, this alternative thread is to tell all TP family that I am taking part in the...
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    mum`s not well

    I`m not sure what to write, but here goes.... I wrote a posting on friday in words something like - mums been in EMI nursing home for 6 months now and mums doing great, well settled and comfortable, (plus some other stuff). Then I deleted it....again!! Sis telephoned on saturday morning...
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    great glen way

    hiya zan brilliant achievement, excellent......well done, sounds like there isn`t too many blisters?? hope ya enjoyed yourselves.... take care jakky x
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    hi first message..bad one

    Hi intensityp yeah, me to.....been there!! wanted to say hi, welcome to "TP family" and keep strong, positive and keep ya chin up..... take care jakky x
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    The worst month imaginable.

    Hi Sally sorry to hear your sad news, hope all goes well today, stay strong and take care jakky x
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    Climb Kilimanjaro 2007

    Hi Lee/javen good on ya :) .......major task in front of ya, stay focussed on your reason/goals and i`m certain you`ll complete the climb with no problems ;) and TIP- don`t miss any training sessions!!!:eek: it gets harder....:D :D jakky
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    Great News! There ARE Guardian Angels!!!!

    hi TF, pleased to hear its going well and just to let you know that you have expressed how i felt the day mum left home, in the ambulance, to go to EMI. I know the emotions are how you describe and to say hope all turns out as well as can be for you/mum......keep ya chin up jakky