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    Forgetting to Walk

    My wife's mobility has gone downhill over the past 7 years and now the OT is getting us a hoist. Has anyone got any advice on using a hoist. We have 1 carer come in the morning to wash and dress but with a hoist we will need 2 carers.
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    Carers Monday to Friday

    We have carers to wash and dress Mon to Saturday leaving Sun free. Works for us.
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    Manuka Honey

    Honey Please try Medihoney Barrier Cream available from GP or over the counter. It works for us.
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    Ground Hog Day

    I have just realised I am the character in the above film. I get up in the morning and do my caring activities etc. Then go to bed and get up and do the same things again and the next day to affinity!!
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    Who Cares?

    Welcome to this site. As a fellow carer for over 5 years you must keep pushing all the agencies to get help. We get morning carers and we get a sitter from Crossroads twice a week it all helps. I had to fight to get what we have.
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    Journey? I don't think so...

    I couldn't agree more ! I have most of your problems with my wife plus lack of mobility. It's a struggle living day to day.
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    sad xmas moment

    I buy my own birthday and Chistmas cards to me and then get my wife to write something although her writing is nearly gone.
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    I have been thinking about your post and comparing it to my situation. I am careing for my wife for last 7 years and I am losing the woman I love. I miss my wife as she was and do get lonely at times. My own thought was to become a Member of the Mormon church or other and legally take another...
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    Language Loss

    My wife was born in the EU and came to live in this country over 50 years ago. It is becoming clear she is having problems with her native language when using Skype and watching foreign films etc. Her main language is English. Has anyone had this problem.
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    My wife doesn't eat the things she used to like anymore so I cook the meal and then if she doesn't eat it I take my meal into another room and 9 times out of 10 she eats it so we both have our meal without any arguments. Have you tried serving the meal on a red plate and a smaller portion a red...
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    Wife has got UTI but won't take AB capsules advice please.
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    My wife has pain in her right arm and leg and cannot function very well with these limbs. Also she has arthritis in her right hand. She has limited mobility and walks on tiptoe with her right foot. Her right hand is not used very much and she is right handed she will persist on keeping her...
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    Am I Going Mad ?

    Since entering the dementia bubble agreeing and not questioning everything and living in their world I lose the plot especially when my wife is playing up ( not cooperating and fighting ) even though she has limited mobility I find myself talking gibberish and laughing hysterically. I am not...
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    help with stimulation

    I have been trying to find someone to come on and chat to my wife now and again. We already have crossroads twice a week to give me a break but thats all. I tried Age Uk Buddy scheme but they do not do it for dementia sufferers. I thought about Dementia Friends but I do not know what they do...
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    We went for eye test yesterday optician said my wife had cataracts and would write to GP but I refused due to Alz and general poor health. We agreed he would give my wife stronger single vision glasses to help her see better. Has anyone had experience of cataract op for PWD.
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    Female advice

    Thank you all for your advice. Any advice how I can stop my wife scratching in bed through the night would help. I tried cotton gloves but that didn't work and Itryto keep finger nails short. Is HRT cream safe?
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    Female advice

    My wife has got a bad attack of garden bird again with a lot of soreness and she has a UTI and is on antibiotics. The Dr has prescribed HRT cream which we have used for 3 days but it has not stopped my wife scratching overnight leading to blood in pants. I can stop her during the day and I...
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    Bad Day

    We all have good day's and bad day's although the bad day's seem to be getting more frequant. Things have settled down for us at the moment so no extra clothes or bedding to wash thank goodness I purchased a washing machine last year.
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    I cannot believe there aren't any other carers in the same position as I am. My wife has mixed dementia and restricted mobility that's apart from the diabetes etc. We have 2 wheelchairs a mobile shower chair riser toilet seat, hospital bed, riser armchair a turntable and I have a corset for my...
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    Are there any other members who have a partner / family member with severe mobility problems. I would be interested to know how you cope with daily routine.