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    Mum passed away

    Thank You Thank you everyone for your kind words. I have asked that anyone wishing to send donations at Mum's funeral send them to the Alzheimers association. Hair Twiddler: I've sent you 3 PMs over the past months but seems you haven't received any of them, I'll try again. Big hugs to all, Sue xx
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    Mum passed away

    Sadly Mum passed away last Wednesday. I haven't posted for a while but thought I'd let you know as some of the regular posters will know my story from the beginning. The night nurse saw Mum at 6.30am, put her leg back into bed (she always hung one leg out), and asked if she wanted a drink and...
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    Attendance Allowance?

    It isn't means tested. A lot of pages to complete if I recall correctly. Be very detailed and put down WHAT ITS LIKE ON THE WORST DAYS! You do have to emphasise everything. Mums application was rejected the first time so learnt to put down every little detail for full impact for the person...
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    Am I expecting too much from carers?

    Unfortunately I found the carers useless, apart from just one who used to care for Mum. They only do exactly what's on the care plan and they don't do that very well. It added so much stress to an already stressed out daughter (me), without having to constantly tell the carers to do their job...
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    Thanks Jasmineflower xx
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    Thank you so much Celia. People I know well say to me they can't believe how much has happened and how things have turned around in just a year. Sue xx
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    Thanks Ange. Hope you are keeping well. Sue xx
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    Hello Hair Twizzler. Do send me a PM cause I need to know how you are. Seen one of your posts and things don't sound good. Sue xx
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    how do i cope with the violent mood swings

    Don't need a solicitor, you can complete the forms yourself. There are two, health and welfare and/or finance.
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    Best Interest Meeting - no decision

    This happened to me and my Mum. Two SW, Physiotherapists, Nurse and Ward Doctor. They had best interests meeting, I protested, they still send her home with broken pelvis, broken down hip repair and bedridden. 3 hours later she was back in hospital. I had great pleasure in telling them Mum was a...
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    Should I give up work!

    I packed up work to care for my Mum which financially shot myself in the foot! Don't give up work. Not only will SS look more favourably if you are still working, you need an outlet apart from the caring role or youll find you spend more and more time with your Mum. Is your Mum a larger lady...
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    Thanks Celia, you take care too, Sue xx
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    Inspiration for others I hope

    I haven't posted for quite a while but I really couldn't imagine how my life has changed within the last year. I've gone from someone that was anxious,depressed, at the end of my tether and really didn't know what I was going to do next. Mum was always a very difficult person to get on with and...
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    Nursing Home Review?

    My Mums nursing home have a review every month and I have to read and sign off her care plan as well every month.
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    Received letter from research team to test new drug for Mum

    Our local hospital group are doing some clinical trials on a new drug for hullucinations in AD sufferers. The recipients will either get the drug or a placebo and they would do blood and urine tests weekly for 12 weeks. However the drug isn't licensed yet and they would have to take Mum off her...
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    Mums now got permanent placement

    My bathroom is being refurbished first, which leaves me rest of Summer to enjoy. Probably Italy or a Greek Island will be booked up soon.
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    Mums now got permanent placement

    Thanks everyone. Mum had a visit from the psychiatric doctor yesterday morning, and the snr nurse at the NH was there too. My Mum was actually cracking jokes with them! The medication she is now on has made an unbelievable difference to her mood. She is more cheerful, eating for England, she...
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    Mums now got permanent placement

    Thanks everyone for your best wishes. I still feel bad that I couldn't continue caring for her but as Mum has always been very difficult, objectionable and awkward pre Alz these traits just got worse and worse where having plates of food thrown at you and slaps round the face became the breaking...
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    its beginning to get me down

    Oh Ruchystu you have had a rough time of it. May I suggest you contact Mums social services so they are aware. She may not need help at the moment but its good to make them aware, saves lot of time and complications further down the line when you may wish your Mum to have some practical help. Sue
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    Mums now got permanent placement

    SS spoke to me this morning and told me after Mums very long respite that the Panel had approved Mums permanent placement in the nursing home! I'm relieved but also really sad. She does ask me when is she going home and I just say she can't go home until she's put on weight. As the medication is...