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    "Dementia Caregiver Survival Guide" free PDF

    The link below leads to a free downloadable PDF pamphlet containing tips for caregivers written by those who are, or have been. It is to be found on a site in Farsi solely hosted and provided by a wonderful Iranian man who cares for his wife in Kerman, Iran. He put together the Caregiver...
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    Section 3

    Our situation is somewhat different because we're in the USA, although I'm English. My husband was sectioned here in Massachusetts in December 2016 after assaulting me in a public place. It took six months, two different hospitals and three different care homes but he is now settled and well...
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    Leave me alone

    My husband, who is in a nursing home, sometimes just checks out by closing his eyes. He looks asleep but isn’t. This seems to work for him. It was something he always did when overwhelmed by too much interaction.
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    Need advice on "redirection"

    Thank you. Good tips. I’m going to ask if some doors, at least, can be closed. One resident has a barrier saying “Stop”, like a road sign. If Joseph detaches it, which he does, occasionally, it lets off a piercing alarm. Which he doesn’t care about one whit....The staff there try to engage...
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    Need advice on "redirection"

    Hello all. It's been a long time since I came on here. My husband Joseph has been in a nursing home (Skilled Nursing Facility here in the USA) for a year, and on the whole they manage his occasionally very challenging behaviours competently, calmly and with genuine affection. Recently, the...
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    I'm not gonna miss you.

    Frank68 I wondered who had taken Joseph's shoes. Haven't seen Sue's but I'll keep an eye out for them.
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    Consultant appointment

    Some wonderful person here gave me a tip..sit very slightly back from your OH so he can't see you but the doctor can. Then agree verbally with all your OH says all the while shaking your head so the doctor sees that. It worked for us...
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    Responding to Confusion

    This may be Capgras syndrome. My husband suffered from this daily for many months. It's quite tricky to handle. One thing that sometimes works is to make your excuses, step out, and then call your wife. My husband nearly always accepted that I was me on the phone, and often I would carry on...
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    Feeling so alone

    Margaret59, I'm sorry you feel so alone. My husband's symptoms have advanced very rapidly since diagnosis of BvFTD in February 2016. We were at the "how many people live here" stage a year ago. Since December he has been either in hospital or in a home, as I could no longer deal with his...
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    Feeling so alone

    My story mirrors Gil's. I'm English, but we are in the USA, so the system is somewhat different. My husband's diagnosis of FTD was based on MRI, SPECT scan and neuropsych testing, and all prescribed by a neurologist who was also a good diagnostician. He is currently on his third stay in what...
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    Second reply: what about you? How do YOU know about Alice Nutter? You're the first person ever to pick up on 'y forum name...I'm intrigued. Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Two years to get this bad. What now?

    I am, Mary, I am. My father's family were from Read, near Clitheroe. I haven't lived in the UK for....oh my goodness, nearly thirty years. France for 27 years, running a business and raising children there, and now Massachusetts, my husband's home state. He was diagnosed with FTD last year and...
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    Dinkie's in Denial

    Sounds like anosognosia. This means literally not being able to be aware that one is ill. I finally managed through subterfuge to get my husband diagnosed after turned to me and said "But where's my wife?". It took a few weeks, but I learned not to challenge this (it's called Capgras Syndrome...
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    Not coping

    Oh Practice. I'm with Marion. Go on holiday. I just did exactly that: 5 days away. And you know what? It's true that a change is as good as a rest. My husband too is in hospital. He has been there for two weeks, and this is his third stay in a geriatric psychiatric unit since the beginning of...
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    Put yourself first

    I agree Kevin, but perhaps that was a bit blunt. Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    Nursing homes

    I've been away from TP for a while, but I'm praying for you and Tim like crazy right now, Aisling. I'm so sorry you have both been having such a terrible time. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Casbow's Diary.

    Casbow, I'm sorry this is happening to you. It does sound as if the CH want to work with you, and that's a positive. Try and rest. My saying du jour is (every day) "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof". Which I find useful when I start on "What will happen if?" Xxx Sent from my iPhone...
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    Hello. I'm new on here.

    Hello WelshKat. It's very late where I am, but I wanted quickly to recommend the, which is based in the USA but has members everywhere. The American Association for Fronto-Temporal Degeneration is a good website too ( My husband has the same diagnosis. Love and...
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    My dear wife.

    Gringo, those are beautiful and loving words. May this New Year bring you, and everybody on TP, and all our loved ones, some moments of peace and joy. Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point
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    A year has past.........

    Well done keegan2. You are doing a splendid job. Enjoy your Christmas. Sent from my iPhone using Talking Point