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    My lovely man has passed away

    So sorry to hear your news, wishing you the strength to support each other during this difficult time. x
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    poems or readings for funeral

    Hi, I had this one for my Mother's funeral:- God saw you were tired When a cure was not to be So He wrapped his arms around you and whispered "come to me" You didn't deserve what you went through So He gave you rest God's garden must be beautiful He only takes the best And When I saw...
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    I have lost my husband

    Sorry to hear your sad news, thinking of you at this difficult time.x
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    things being hidden

    As frustrating as this is and I agree with hiding anything valuable, I have to share a funny story. My Mum and Dad used to go on holiday each year and take a cool box with them to take food out on picnics. They returned one year and the cool box was put away for another year. My Mum who had...
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    Mum passed away on the 18th June 2015

    I'm sorry to hear your news. People do mean to be kind but I had someone say to me recently that it must have been a relief for Mum to pass away. I had to kindly remind her that even though Mum had this dreadful disease, she responded to both my Dad and myself being there and there were moments...
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    Mum's birthday

    Funnily enough Celia, I have just been on the Cats Protection League site and think that it would be a good idea to adopt an older cat for Dad but not straight away. I will suggest it when the time is right so great minds think alike!
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    Mum's birthday

    Well this year has just got worse as we had to put Mum's cat to sleep today. Very sad thing to do especially as his name was the only one she remembered when she was seriously ill in hospital. I didn't want to see him suffer but he was keeping my Dad company in the house with my Mum gone. We are...
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    Good night, sweetheart, sleep tight

    Sorry to hear of your sad loss, thinking of you x
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    My poor mother is gone

    Sorry to hear your sad news, thinking of you and your family x
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    Mum's birthday

    I'm not sure what flowers they were as they were a mixture but some were blue which was her favourite colour. I didn't buy any for myself, perhaps I should have done. I did buy a big cream cake though which was naughty but nice! I thought of her when I was eating it as in the later stages she...
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    Mum's birthday

    Well it has been 3 months now since my Mum passed away. It is her birthday today so I chose the flowers she loved to go on her grave and wished her a happy birthday. Just a shame she is not here to enjoy it. Miss you Mum XX
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    Dad at peace

    Sorry to hear your news, thinking of you x
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    Mum at peace

    I'm glad that the hospice provided the right comfort for you and your mum. Sorry for your loss, thinking of you.
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    Saying goodbye

    Well we had the funeral today for my mum and the sun shined! I was dreading it to be honest but amongst the tears there was a feeling of happiness because so many people turned up to celebrate her life. I hope that things will get easier in time but just want to remember the good times and...
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    Mom Died Just After 06:00 This Morning - Pneumonia

    So sorry to hear your news, thinking of you.
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    I need to rant

    What an upsetting time for you. I was in the same situation with Mum last week as the hospital wanted the bed. They told me she had 8 weeks max and that it would be better to move her to a nursing home. We moved her on the Thursday and she died on the Friday. I have been constantly wondering...
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    Vascular dementia I lost my beautiful mum tragically

    Sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you x
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    Bereavement stress

    Thankfully things are a bit calmer today which means we can register the death tomorrow. We have also arranged a date for the funeral on the 27th April which seems ages away but no doubt will come round quickly. Really dreading the day but will try and see it as a celebration of her life rather...
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    Mum passed away this afternoon

    Sorry to hear of your loss, thinking of you x
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    Bereavement stress

    My lovely mum died last Friday and I just feel like having a rant. The coroner and all the procedures that go with this are making me feel really stressed. We heard nothing until I phoned this morning and asked what was happening. As my mum died in a nursing home less than 24 hours after being...