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    Have you looked at chair mats designed to go underneath office chairs on carpet? It might depend on how big an area you have to cover though.
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    organising respite "live in" cover advice please...

    I'm not an accountant so I may be wrong, but I thought that if you earned a small amount on a one-off basis and pay PAYE tax you could fill in a self-assessment tax return and declare it that way. £1K a week does seem a lot of money to me though. Also, I think you need to have a good think about...
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    As well as getting power of attorney, this might be a good time to sit down with your mum and work out where things stand with their savings etc, so that you can look into getting their finances separated, which would make things easier if eventually he has to go into a care home full time and...
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    I don't want my mum to go into care

    I agree with the message above - although obviously the weekly figure looks very high written down, living at home is not completely free either - there are utilities bills to pay, food, insurance and whatever your mum's contribution is to her care visits. And your mum's pension will obviously...
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    Moving in with Mother in Law

    I've never done it, but I agree with the other posters that it would be a huge step in terms of caring and you and your gfs relationship. The other aspect is financial, and how things might work out in the future. You haven't said whether you own a property of your own at the moment, and...
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    Imprint on skin after sleeping or sitting for a while?

    My dad was at risk of pressure sores, and the district nurses provided an overlay like this - basically a plastic inflatable mattress topper. Perhaps something like that might help?
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    Bed sores and living alone

    District nurses take bed sores very seriously. My dad came home from hospital with severe skin problems and the threat of bed sores developing. He had a fantastic district nurse who basically didn't listen to his protests, and organised a hospital bed with a pressure mattress and a pressure...
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    Wedding ring stuck

    I've never needed to do this so it may be a very stupid idea - but I looked on Amazon and ring cutters are actually quite cheap. If it was me (and if the ring itself is not too precious) I'd be tempted to buy one and see if I could get the ring off myself.
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    Tax and self assessment

    If all he is doing is deleting the files on a Windows computer, recovering them might be as easy as finding the recycle bin and restoring them. The same with his email - the deleted emails might still be in his 'Trash' folder. Is he happy to share usernames and passwords with you? If you can...
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    Call blocking - update

    Also, if BT is your phone provider (also PlusNet), they now offer 'call protect' which works in a similar way to block calls, but it is applied by BT automatically to the phone line so you don't need to buy any extra phones.
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    Deprivation of assets - what to do?

    It's going to depend to some extent how much the car cost and his financial circumstances - if it was a second hand car that cost a few thousand that's not going to raise as many questions as a brand new car that cost a lot more. Did he buy the car outright or is it on finance? Another aspect...
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    POA record keeping

    I'm not suggesting you are doing anything underhand, but now that your husband has power of attorney I think it would be wise to make more of a separation between her money and yours/the farm's. I'd advise you to go to a solicitor or accountant and get professional advice on the situation...
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    POA record keeping

    Why is her personal income paid into the farm's business account? If it was me, I'd set up a separate account for her income, and then it can be quite clear what she pays out as her contribution to utilities, food etc. I agree that you don't need to do anything too complicated, but if it's all...
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    Is this time for care home?

    I think it's quite a bit of a jump from 'coping reasonably well at home' to a care home. Although she didn't like the idea of carers, maybe if you introduced them gently she would get used to them gradually. If you are nearby, perhaps if you could be there the first few times, and say 'oh here...
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    Help with understanding what I've just signed.

    I'm sorry if I've missed it in earlier posts, but I don't think you have mentioned whether your mum has a pension? Have you taken that into account when doing the sums? Is the house only in your mum's name, or do you own a share at all?
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    Medication worries

    I think you should talk to a health professional urgently regarding the Tramadol and Fentanyl. My understanding is that they are both very strong painkillers, so coming off them both suddenly and at the same time is likely to cause withdrawal symptoms and of course there must be underlying pain...
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    Nuisance calls how do we stop them?

    Are you absolutely sure that your mum is giving the card number out over the phone? I'm wondering if scammers have the details now and are debiting it without going through her. It might be worth trying to talk to the bank to see what they think and if there is anything that could be done. If...
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    So bizarre !

    Your photos are lovely, no wonder there's been interest! About allowing them to be published - the way I look at it, what have you got to lose? You have already invested the time to take the photographs, and if you say no to publication, what will happen to them - will they just sit on the hard...
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    Plastic/waterproof floor mat/covering

    How about a few large rubber backed mats - they would have the advantage of not being slippery if they do get wet, and you could replace them or wash them if they get soiled.
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    How do you stop putting your life on hold?

    It sounds to me as if you are maybe suffering from depression - not full on major depression, but you have been and are going through a lot, which has left you low at the moment. Don't be too hard on yourself - have some rest, get outside in the fresh air, give yourself a bit of space to recover...