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  1. Ginnykk5

    Worried about losing home - Mums Care

    Im in the exact same position. I'm 56 and lived in my parents house for 48 years. It will have to be sold later this year to pay for his care. I often loose sleep trying to solve a problem that can't be solved. house prices round my way are ridiculously high. I always hoped i could look after...
  2. Ginnykk5

    Ideas for keeping carpets clean and free from urine smell

    Has anyone got any suggestions for quick cleaning carpets when they have been urinated on? My dad takes his nappys off at night and then wee's everywhere . Just wondered if any one had tips on products available to make sure you don't get that awful urine smell in the house. I use 1001 spray...
  3. Ginnykk5

    I need legal advice how do i find it

    a family member can act as Deputy your family cannot evict you, they would not have the legal authority to do so - in fact if no-one has POA or Deputyship, then no-one can legally deal with your dad's affairs if he no longer has capacity; a tricky position to be left in while your dad lives...
  4. Ginnykk5

    I need legal advice how do i find it

    DD seems encouraging. But at what point do I tell LA about my position?. the initial financial paper just asked if my father is self funded or not. Im thinking of having him back home for as long as possible to save cost and give me a home. As we have no legal access to his funds at the...
  5. Ginnykk5

    I need legal advice how do i find it

    No POA have applied for deputyship, will take 9 months and I'm not allowed to do as conflict of interest. I do not own any part of the property. with deputyship my family would probably have to evict me, so i will have no ware to live. If dad had died I would have inherited a portion and been...
  6. Ginnykk5

    I need legal advice how do i find it

    I need legal advice and I don't know how to find a solicitor who understands the nuances of living in a home of a dementia patient . I have lived with my father in his home for 55 years. I have spent some of my won money on the house. I'm under 60 not disabled. The house may be considered for...
  7. Ginnykk5

    NHS continued funding

    If you have dementia , can you not get NHS continued care funding? My dad had a check list done, he failed but I was not given a report. Social service implied he'd got two A's but one was cancelled out because he had dementia so didn't make it to full assesment.
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    Blogger ginnykk5

    Failed Yep already failed to do a simple copy
  9. Ginnykk5

    Blogger ginnykk5

    So they are closing the blogging sight. A shame I found it a nice thing todo .So I will continue to write under this thread. Unless it proves to be too difficult.
  10. Ginnykk5

    Dad grew his Wings

    those we love Those we love never truly die till theres no one left to remember them. cherish the memories x
  11. Ginnykk5

    How to bath them when they don't want to

    Has anyone any suggestions on how to bath someone who gets angry and doesn't want to get wet? How can I keep him clean? Each bath time now has got worse and worse, this Saturday I was in tears. Anyone gpt any ideas?
  12. Ginnykk5

    No long term memory either - has anyone else dealt with this?

    My dad is 95 and has severe dementia , he remembers very little of his past or present. People say they remember the past, mine doesn't. He lives in a 3 minuet memory. I watched the video of the bookcase it makes sense, except for one thing. My dad when normal had the emotional depth of a...
  13. Ginnykk5

    Y-pants pushed down the loo! any ideas?

    Alas dad is very very mobile! he has a 3 minuet memory so teaching him to use a commode would be like me learning to fly. He also thinks he needs no help and looks after himself. But thanks for your idea.
  14. Ginnykk5

    Y-pants pushed down the loo! any ideas?

    I thought not, but it was worth asking. I had same idea as you to put wire down the loo! but then I thought of things getting caught. Also I'm sure he would pull it out! he pulls things out of the bins! Cant go with him to the loo as it happens at night he's up every 2 to 3 hours, i can't do...
  15. Ginnykk5

    Y-pants pushed down the loo! any ideas?

    My dad has started flushing his pants down the toilet. So now he dosn't ware them, i can't have him blocking the drains let alone the cost in M&S nickers! Most throw away paper pants won't flush. Has or does anyone know of any that can be flushed? :(
  16. Ginnykk5

    At what stage is the final stage?

    She still is very strong the three of us and the nurses found out.. one was smacked across her face....consultant was punched in the eye. Hope you dont mind but When I read this it made me smile well laugh actually, (how i would like to be able to do this sometimes!) she seems to be a...
  17. Ginnykk5

    Poo, lots and lots of poo... help!

    I can cope using gloves. But dear gods the smell !
  18. Ginnykk5

    Goodbye Mum

    God Bless and live again x