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    help I am going mad

    I really do feel for you and understand how difficult life is at the moment. There's nothing anyone can say, other than the normal advice of speaking to your social worker, looking into a day centre once or twice a week etc. All I can say is that I'm thinking of you and hoping that things will...
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    Ruth's funeral yesterday

    I'm pleased that the funeral went as well as can be expected for you. It's hard right now for you I'm sure but when I was upset or thinking too much I realised how it was a release for us both (me and my granddad). I miss him daily but I didn't want to watch him suffering day after day and...
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    The Final Journey

    Myself and my gran were planning to sit down together and write a lovely thank you letter to the NH but a party sounds like a lovely idea. I'd come to love some of the other residents in can't help it so it would be nice to see them again. :)
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    Her suffering has ended.

    I'm so sorry for your sad loss. I hope your and yours find some comfort in the weeks to come, knowing your loved one is no longer suffering. I lost my granddad 5 weeks ago and while I miss him daily it does get a bit easier. Thinking of you. xx
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    Not Suffering Anymore

    I'm so sorry for your sad loss Sam. I'm thinking of you and yours and hoping that you find some comfort that your dad is no longer suffering. I'll keep your wife in my thoughts also. xx
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    Odd thing

    My granddad didn't have hallucinations like that but he did see animals in the garden that weren't there & often thought the toy dog in the NH was a real one. It was one of the "cuter" stages of the Alzheimer's Disease if that makes sense. :)
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    1 Month

    It definitely helped Sylvia, it gave me some strength to see that although we all miss him like mad and still struggle from day to day, we all got through the worst part and can still smile amongst each other. :)
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    1 Month

    Aye it's something that is still very much alive over here in Ireland & I think it's quite a nice idea. Brucie's link basically hit the nail on the head, it's a time to remember granddad (and I guess say goodbye once more when emotions aren't so raw). It also gives people the opportunity to...
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    1 Month

    Tonight we have granddad's month's mind church service, it's a Catholic thing for those of you that don't know. For some reason I'm strangely nervous about this. The emotions aren't as raw as they were 4 weeks ago but it's still not easy and I'm worried that this service will bring me back to...
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    Heavy Heart

    So often I thought exactly this, "the worst is over" etc. I think every new phase brings new challenges and none are ever that easy to cope with because we love those we're caring for so much. Just like Aine said in a different post, I felt better once I gave up hope. I knew things weren't...
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    I am so sorry that you're having to go through this but as you said, there is small comfort in the knowledge that ruth will no longer be suffering after her long journey. I still felt hurt and cried etc. when granddad passed away a few weeks ago (God I still do!) but when i was having one of my...
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    I was the exact same with my granddad (he had VD and sadly passed away 4 weeks ago). Any stays in hospital seemed to help his VD progress at a much quicker rate. In the beginning when we were more "green" we would answer his questions honestly, feeling that he at least deserved that. Though...
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    Bit of a mood today

    I know what you mean Tina. When I look at granddad's shepherd stick it makes me smile but when I look at his photos around my room I feel an incredible sadness at the fact that I'll never see that cheeky smile again. At least I experienced it though, right? :)
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    Thank You

    I know what you mean. I've found TP to be an invaluable source of support and comfort since I joined. They're all a big pile of stars on here. Keep in touch. xx
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    Look forward to talking to you. Take good care of yourself.
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    Bit of a mood today

    Thanks for all your replies, they're appreciated very much as you all already know. xx
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    Eye Site

    My grandad has similar moments, although maybe not so severe. We'd point something out to him (like a rabbit in the garden) and he'd not see it no matter how well we directed his line of sight. Then 10 minutes later he'd seen a toy dog and think it were a real one. My heart goes out to you...
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    Bit of a mood today

    I understand why she did it, she's always been like that so I'm used to it. :) I just got upset with the process, its just 1 of those many moments that we encounter and deal with.
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    Bit of a mood today

    Today I went to spend some time with my gran & found her sorting through granddad's clothes.....she's always been a "sort it here & now" person. I, on the other hand, didn't handle it so well. As strange as it sounds I just found it very emotional handing it all over to the collector from the...
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    The Final Journey

    Thinking of you during this hard time....I'm sure your mam is looking down on you now, her heart bursting with pride. Stay strong. xx