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    Advice please

    Hi. My mum has been in a care home for 12 months, her medication has been the same for years, but last week mum wasn't feeling too good - she was sick twice so they decided to keep her on a dry diet (just toast)and sips of water and also to get the doctor to check her over which she did last...
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    Refused hip replacement

    Hi Bertie's . this is a mirror image of what we are going through with my mom, it is a horrible situation, when my mum gets up from her chair and attempts to walk (hobble) you can hear her hip bone grinding, an accident waiting to happen, very worrying for everyone. So sorry you're going...
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    Night telephone calls

    We have been having the constant day time calls for a couple of years now, and also mum saying she 'hasn't seen anybody all day', carer goes to give her breakfast and stays for a while for company for her, and also my sister (lives locally) goes 2/3 times daily and mum also gets put to bed, I...
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    Hi there, advice please, if you have power of attorney which is registered with the bank Is it necessary to keep a tally of spends, if yes, who is it for ? Thanks in advance.
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    Advice please! Certificate Provider for LPA

    We have just done both LPAs for our mum, we used her neighbour who has known her for 40 + years, filled the forms on line and put in the box - I have lived next door to ...... And known a neighbour for 40+ years. Also don't forget the dates have to be in the right order when signed...
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    Stapling LPA document

    We did both LPA's 2 months ago and put each one in a poly pocket then sent them together registered post, didn't staple, didn't want to risk them sending them back. They have now been registered and returned unstapled so I'm leaving them like that .
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    remote control / telephone mix-up

    Hi there. We changed my mums hands free to a corded phone for the same reason and also changed the tv remote to a 'flipper' (it's only got green button for on/off volume and channel change, there's no numbers on it.
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    Help at home for mother

    Hi Louby. Hope you don't mind me coming into someone else's post but we are in the process of finding someone to come in to my my mum for a couple of hrs daily, I'm not having much luck !! I'm ringing a care agency, the person I need to speak to is not there so I leave my name etc and they...
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    thanks thank you, I've given telecare a call and they are going to come out to assess and advise. Thanks for you comments
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    Hi there. Has anyone had much to do with 'Telecare' service please. We are wondering if it helps with people with dementia, in this case my mum.
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    I'm amazed !!

    Thank you nitram. Yes very interesting. I myself have to be reminded sometimes, as I do find it difficult to accept this change in my mum, it's not always easy is it.
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    I'm amazed !!

    Today I was struggling for conversation with my mum (83yrs old)with vascular dementia, so I decided to get some very old photos out of when she was a young girl, she remembered her aunts names their child and baby's name !! Names and ages of her cousins in the old photos and some of them even...
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    Advice please

    Thank you so much for the link, I know it's going to be very useful, I've already taken a copy for myself and also forwarded it to my sister.
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    Advice please

    Hope someone can mob has vascular dementia has been on another turning point this weekend, she thought my sister still lived with her, when I told our mom she hasn't lived with her for 40 years, she lives with her husband and has been married for over 10 years, mom now thinks my...
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    Strong smell

    Yes it is Pete R, when people ask how my mum is I always say she is very well in her own world. Thank god for this site, it's us that worry and try to do our best for them, it doesn't seem that long ago (about 5yrs ago)my mum use to say " if I don't clean myself properly or smell, you will...
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    Strong smell

    Hi all, thanks again for your info and thoughts, just thought I'd let you know my sister took a sample to mums Drs yesterday and she has got a urine infection and is now on antibiotics. We have also learnt (via the smell)when she has accidents she drys her underwear and tights on the radiator...
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    Strong smell

    Thank you all for your replies its much appreciated and no offense taken with any of them. My mum has stayed with us this weekend so I noticed the smell more, when she was showering this morning I took the bull by the horn and stayed in the bathroom and told her to wash with extra soap etc etc...
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    Repetitive phone calls

    Hi Kimg we have the same with my mum(diagnosed vascular dementia 3years ago). She can't remember one phone to the next to me or my sister. Also 7 days ago I got back from 3weeks in the states, while I was away I rang my mum every other day and each call she would ask me if I was 'on the bus...
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    Strong smell

    Just lately I've noticed a very strong urine smell coming from my mum, especially if I follow her after she has been to the loo, she hasn't said she feels uncomfortable or her wee stings, she does drink lots of cups of tea daily (that's the only thing she will drink, except for the sip of water...
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    Telephone off hook

    my mum does this often so we now say to her as a last reminder to 'put the phone down properly now' and we wait til she has...........sometimes it works !!!??? It's very frustrating !!!