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    Encouraging to drink

    My mum's Alzheimer's is getting worse and we are struggling to get her drinking enough. Dr is aware but just says keep encouraging her which we do. How do other people manage this problem.
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    Holding head in her hands

    Hi my mum often sits leaning forward holding her head in her hands. When asked if she is okay or has a pain she snaps back that's she is fine. Mum has Alzheimer's which is getting worse. Has anyone else come across this? If so what did you do if anything.
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    leaving a mess in the bathroom

    Hi , I'm sure this is a common problem but was wondering how others manage/ deal with their mum leaving faeces smeared on the toilet and floor and anywhere else in the bathroom. I think she tries clearing it up but makes it worse. Have to bath her as its easiest to get her clean as can't clean...
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    Dad Keeps Taking his Trousers off

    I'm so sorry they didn't work Its always hard trying to introduce new things. Would you be able to suggest them again or will not be possible?
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    Dad Keeps Taking his Trousers off

    Hi, don't have a lot of advice except that have you tried pull up trousers eg. Jogging bottoms. I work with people with dementia and a lot of the men find these so much easier to use.Hope this helps.
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    ? Giving up work to care

    Thanks for replies. I am still undecided what to do. I so want to help my parents as I can do lots to help them both and my Dad lets me help. He would never have carers in and Mum loves having me up there and is happy for me to bath her etc. Unfortunately my work isn't very sympathetic!!!!
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    ? Giving up work to care

    Hi, my mums Alzheimer,s is getting worse and needing more help and my Dad is needing more support . I am considering giving up my part time job and being her carer and supporting my Dad. Have other people done this and has it worked? Also confused as to what benefits I would be able to claim...
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    Advise needed

    Hi, I help my Dad care for my Mum who has Alzheimer's and have noticed that my Dad has started to get more forgetful and I don't know what to do. I don't think Dad would take kindly to me mentioning it as he is very independent and took ages to get Mum diagnosed as he kept saying there was...
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    Feel like bringing him home, should I?

    My parents live a couple of miles away and I help them most days which I don't mind. My Mum has Alzheimers which is slowly getting worse and unable to do much rotund the house. My Dad had various on going heath issues which he has regular hospital and GP appointments for. My husband and myself...
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    Dad in total denial

    Thanks for reply. My Dad appreciates all my help as he hasnt been at all well himself. Its just that he always makes excuses for her behaviour and memory problems. My Mum is seen at a memory clinic but they dont know the whole picture Im sure. Im trying my hardest to support them but finding...
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    Dad in total denial

    Hi Im new on here, my Mum was diagnosed earlier this year and my Dad is in total denial with it. My mum had been showing signs for a few years but Dad wouldnt let anyone do anything about it. Symptoms are getting worse but he thinks she is getting better. He tries to cover things up and always...