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    Is this a possible symptom of dimentia?

    After losing my husband 8 years ago I have been lucky enough to have a new man in my life but................I have been concerned from the beginning that he may have early signs of dementia. On the one hand he is extremely good at remembering numbers - eg he can glance at a for sale board as we...
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    Granny Sammy

    Just had a text from New Zealand. 7 weeks, 4 days pregnant. Does Granny Sammy sound OK??!! What news on this the first anniversary! Love from Sammyb
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    One year on and still standing

    Hallo everyone. Don't know if you remember me from last year. It is a year ago tomorrow that I lost my lovely laddo. I cannot believe it because it seems like only yesterday. Much of the year has passed in a fog and it has been difficult. But I have managed to keep working, have had the...
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    Still standing - but with wobbly knees

    Hallo everyone. I read here often but don't always feel able to write. On Christmas Day it will be 4 calendar months since my laddo died and it is a hard, hard journey without him. But I am still standing except I have wobbles at times. Early mornings and evenings are the worst times - and...
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    Anaesthetics / Alzheimers

    When my laddo went into hospital with his broken vertebra, he was in major pain. I was not aware of any underlying dementia. He had three operations in three weeks. The first two were under local anaesthetic the third under general. He was as he ever was coming out of the first two...
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    'I'm still standing - yeah, yeah, yeah'

    Too true Cliff. It is people being nice - the flowers and cards are still coming. And then there are the well meant comments like, 'It was for the best wasn't it?' and 'I bet this has changed your retirement plans?' Just a bit!!! Love from Sammyb
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    'I'm still standing - yeah, yeah, yeah'

    Hallo Everyone. I have just passed a full calendar month since my laddo died. My head has been in some of the darkest of places and I didn't know such sadness was even possible. But I am still standing - taking an hour at a time. Days are just about OK but the evenings and nights are...
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    Dementia and pain, or lack of it

    So very strange isn't it? Stranger still that laddo would have been able to communicate with me if he had been in pain. So I am pretty sure he wasn't - not from the cancer. However, just brush past his bare feet and he would be yelping. No rhyme or reason is there? Love from Sammyb
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    Dementia and pain, or lack of it

    I have been reading through a number of posts and am intrigued by people saying their loved ones with dementia appear to have changed perception of pain, or changes in their previous allergic reaction to things. I am still in shock or wonder (I don't know which) that my laddo appeared to be in...
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    Tender Face RIP

    God bless her and you Karen. Love from Sammyb
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    Everyone has gone now

    All the visitors have gone now and there is just me at home with my little dog 'Jack'. For the moment I am pleased for the solitude. My laddo's funeral was yesterday and it was very special albeit not the most usual of services - but you will have come to expect something not quite usual from...
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    My brother drove up from Canterbury yesterday morning so he was with me all yesterday (although not at night) and will be with me for 2 more days yet and then our lass is returning from New Zealand on Thursday. She has only been there 8 weeks at the start of a 2 year contract. What a dreadful...
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    My laddo has gone. He died in the early hours of this morning. He was 66. I wasn't with him at the very end. 15 minutes beforehand I was, but not at the end. You will remember that he has laid all the time in a darkened room. Yesterday he asked for the curtains to be drawn back, the window...
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    Such a special time

    I have just been into my laddo. I am going to 'sleep' in his room tonight. (I've only had 5 and a quarter hours sleep in the last 96 hours and laddo little more!) 3 settee cushions on the floor for me I am afraid. No room for anything else amidst the medical parapheranlia he has in there...
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    Such a special time

    I wouldn't have missed the last few days with my laddo for all the world. Medication free he is the person I married some 26 years ago albeit a little more delirious and not quite so with it. (I think perhaps pneumonia is setting in). But his demeanour is great, he is witty and just plain funny...
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    Update on laddo

    Just to let you know that we have been given 2 weeks. He will stay at home throughout. The sad thing though is that, close to the end, the carers will have to change from the lovely ones we have now to medical ones instead - nurses I think. And we know how much laddo hates medical people...
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    Secondary diagnosis

    Bless you everyone and thank you for your hugs and prayers. I will find the strength from somewhere I know but God alone knows what I'll be like at the end. I am staying up tonight to sit with him. He is fast asleep but I am still in a panic. Talk to you tomorrow. love sammyb
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    Secondary diagnosis

    The coughing, spluttering and being sick that I was worried about with my laddo lying flat has a diagnosis. The worst possible I am afraid. I am in a state of complete shock. I have been told to prepare for the worst in the next few weeks. Meanwhile all medication has been withdrawn so it is...
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    Hecky Thump!

    They are on side I am pleased to say. Fortunately one of the other carers came too and it was lovely to hear her trying to cut across what the other carer was saying/asking because she has 20+ years experience and a lot more knowledge and understanding of laddo. I am sure the new carer was...
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    Hecky Thump!

    Well we had a new carer today!! I am sure the lady meant well but her visit didn't half leave me feeling as though I am a dreadful carer. Why wasn't laddo having proper meals (cos he wont eat them),why were his feet so dry (because he can't stand me creaming them),why wasn't he in the bath...