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  1. sinkhole

    Council Tax Exemption - means tested?

    I can only assume that, but I wasn't involved when she originally got her discount. I'm going to speak to them to find out. Do you mean the statement from the doctor they would have recently requested or whenever the doctor orginally diagnosed she had dementia? She's been receiving full AA and...
  2. sinkhole

    Council Tax Exemption - means tested?

    They've now granted the exemption but at the same time are asking for more money as they claim she underpaid Council Tax during 2018/19 and 2019/20. When should the exemption be backdatable from?
  3. sinkhole

    Council Tax Exemption - means tested?

    I've just received a final notice for over £1000 of Council Tax they have presumably back dated from when they cancelled her discount. I didn't see any previous reminder for this amount and they are expecting it to be paid in 5 days time or they will start legal proceedings and add costs. What...
  4. sinkhole

    Council Tax Exemption - means tested?

    My mother has had a 100% reduction for her Council Tax for the last few years and from before she was diagnosed with dementia 18 months ago. I have LPA and the Council Tax office has me as the point of contact. In June the LA Benefit Office requested details of her private pensions for some...
  5. sinkhole

    Tramadol withdrawal

    We had a different GP visit today and review the medication and it actually went very well. She's going to prescribe Butec patches for the pain relief and gave us a couple of suggestions which gave me some confidence that they might actually want to help my mum (which was not evident with the...
  6. sinkhole

    Tramadol withdrawal

    Thanks. Yes, we are having a meeting with the GP tomorrow and I'll be making sure I get some proper answers to these questions and more as it seems irresponsible for the hospital to withdraw a drug like this without consulting the GP first or at least putting a plan in place to manage the...
  7. sinkhole

    Tramadol withdrawal

    Does anyone here have any experience of Tramadol withdrawal symptoms? My mother was on 100mg four times a day for at least 10 years and it abruptly stopped when she was admitted to hospital in early January on the advice of a consultant there (who said nobody over the age of 65 should be...
  8. sinkhole

    Registering LPA with banks and utilities

    As said, there is absolutely no need for anyone to demand to see the original. This is pure ignorance on their part. It is very clear on the OPG website so just screenshot or copy the guidelines and send it with a certified copy. I have had a certified copy lost by one organisation. If that had...
  9. sinkhole

    Won't accept he forgets things

    I know it's difficult to watch this going on but there's not a lot you can do to change his behaviour. My mum always needs something to worry about. If I take responsibility for one problem so she doesn't have to think about it, she just comes up with something else, usually quite trivial. If...
  10. sinkhole

    just gone into care

    There are policies you can get which cover empty properties. Depending on how much of a risk it is, you might want to look at that. They can be tailored to provide cover only for the time it's vacant, but there may be a requirement for someone to visit regularly to check everything is secure and...
  11. sinkhole

    Simple, safe, easy to use COOKER needed

    I echo what everyone else has said. A microwave has got to be the safest solution, but even that is likely to have it's challenges. In my experience, any change to the way something has been done in the past will cause confusion and could lead to issues. Where heat is involved, that inevitably...
  12. sinkhole

    Urine Strip Test Stick Strips

    We used the 'SELFCheck Urine Infection Test' ones recently and they gave very conclusive results. You can buy them through Amazon if you can't find them in a pharmacy.
  13. sinkhole

    Paying for respite, not happy

    I think a lot of homes define a 'short stay' for respite as something like 4 weeks, or maybe more in some cases because any longer than that would mean you would be 'permanent stay' and tied into a long term contract with longer notice period etc. What this does underline is a necessity to read...
  14. sinkhole

    Pets as Therapy

    Just wanted to update this thread in case anyone finds it in the future. There doesn't seem to be an organisation in the UK who can organise dog visits to private homes. The closest I found was who suggest they can on their website but didn't seem hopeful when I spoke...
  15. sinkhole

    A and E

    I was in A&E with my mum on Saturday from 8pm to 2:30am. The carer had already been there with her for 3 hours before I arrived. I agree that once you see someone the treatment is usually very good, but the before and after parts are just not fit for purpose. There are quite a few really basic...
  16. sinkhole

    Mums ankle fractured in four places..... But what happens now? Advice please

    My view, having dealt with 3 different hospitals in relation to my mum and her sister in the last couple of years, is that they often ask the questions hoping to get answers which justify discharging the patient, rather than looking for reasons why they shouldn't be discharged. They have targets...
  17. sinkhole

    Mums ankle fractured in four places..... But what happens now? Advice please

    Do you have someone in mind you can trust? If not, I would personally recommend using an agency for that as there's more come back and protection if something goes wrong. Anything is a start. You just need to build up trust with her so she sees you are doing this for the right reasons.
  18. sinkhole

    Difficult situation

    This is very similar to the situation I had with my mum (in her 90's) who was looking after her sister who had dementia (late 80's). My mum refused all help, insisting she could look after her sister. The fact is she just couldn't cope. I kept offering help and she kept turning it down. In the...
  19. sinkhole

    Mums ankle fractured in four places..... But what happens now? Advice please

    Presumably they only asked her if she was OK to go home and she said yes? A lot of assumptions are often made by hospitals, but IMO she needs some care and it sounds like it's got to the point where you'll just have to do what's right for her and not what she thinks is right. My experience is...