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    Can't win

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I am taking a lot of the responsibility as my husband is finding it very hard to cope with and has always had a very difficult relationship with his mum, she's treated him like dirt but has always known he carries a lot of guilt with him, as if he didn't do her...
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    Can't win

    My MIL was placed in a fantastic nursing home after being in hospital, psychiatric ward for 5.5 months. She is now back in hospital due to her being racially abusive, swearing at other residents visitors, refusal to eat or drink, high levels of paranoia, refusing to take any medication, she's...
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    Don't know what to do?

    My MIL has been sectioned under a section 2 then 3 and now has section 117 covering her care costs. My self and my husband have had to fight to try and find her the right nursing home. She is diabetic, but has mental health problems and the start of dementia. We finally found a NH that is homely...
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    Nursing home assessment, feel confused

    My MIL has been assessed by a lovely nursing home that I would love her to go to. The problem is that they have told me they can not accept her as her diabetes is unstable and it could take a few hours for a Dr to come out to her. The problem is that her sugars are under control and I don't...
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    Not coping with worry

    You could be writing about my MIL. I have gone through roughly the same as you and didn't know how we would cope if she went home again. To my utter dismay the best interest meeting went well and the SS, Drs and OT all agreed to her not going home as they had assessed her and could see the real...
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    Help with rehoming pets

    I have just had to rehome my MILs 2 dogs. I found a fantastic rescue centre from my vets. They know the lady well and know she will do anything and everything for the animals she looks after and rehomes. Hope your vets can help you.
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    Nursing home?? Confused

    Myself and my husband are starting the process of looking for a nursing home for MIL. she is very articulate and needs people about to socialise with. SS have said she needs a nursing home due to her diabetes and insulin and needs a mental health nurse as well. We looked at 2 nursing homes...
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    Refusing to accept

    Thanks for the replies, its a difficult time for us as we don't know whats happening other than knowing she's not going home. My DH has a phone call once a week after ward rounds, but trying to get him to ask questions is difficult as he feels so guilty about her being in hospital and knowing...
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    Refusing to accept

    My MIL has been under a section 2 then section 3 of the MHA since the 13th Sept. My husband was told in a meeting on Wednesday that his Mum has no mental or financial capacity. He was also told that she needs 24 hour care and due to her diabetes and lack of understanding of it she needs to go...
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    How long is this process

    The reason she is staying until after Christmas is due to a lot more assessments needing to be done and medication needs tweaking. No formal diagnosis as yet but frontotemporal dementia was mentioned. Thanks for the replies. Dog Lady
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    How long is this process

    My MIL is under a section 3 of the MHA. We had a meeting yesterday with her Dr who is worried about her memory, cognitive difficulties, depression and her persecution complex. We were told that it's likely but not certain that she will not be going home. Her discharge from the psychiatric ward...
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    + Diabetes

    I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for 31 years. I have mood changes due to my sugars dropping, I tend to get short tempered and defiant. I don't really have changes to high sugars but it does make me feel tired and listless. I hope this helps Dog Lady
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    Atrophy of the frontal lobe?

    My MIL had a CT scan 2 weeks ago and we have been told that she has atrophy of the frontal lobe. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have had any experience with a loved one suffering from this or know anything about it. MILs short term memory is very poor, she is confused, and...
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    thanks for the replies, I will try phoning. Dog Lady
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    Myself and my husband want to see about getting both types of LPA for my MIL. The problem that we have is that she is house bound and recently moved (April). If I am right you have to have a non family member that has known the person for 2 years or longer, to sign the form. We have no one as...
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    Where do we go??

    MIL is not diagnosed with dementia but is very confused, has short term memory problems, and making up stories to fit her needs. The biggest problem we have is that she is convinced everyone is out to get her and that there is nothing wrong with her, but someone has been into her house moving...
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    Thank you both for the replies. Its been a very strange day today as my DH had social services phone him in work and they are putting MIL at high priority to do an assesment :) I have no idea if they will see about her mental health but hopefully we can get help with her physical needs, we just...
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    This is my first post and as my title says I am struggling and finding it hard to cope with my MIL. My MIL is a very difficult and stubborn person. Over the last 18 months to 2 years myself and my husband have noticed that her short term memory is getting worse, she can't remember a phone...