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    Mum getting weaker

    I am Praying for you, my mum is still in the early stages, memory loss, and saying I am giving her too many tablets!!, but I know we will have to face what you are going through eventualy, I realy feel for you, it is such a difficult thing to have to go through, but, please know that you are not...
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    New Member.

    Thank you Thank you all for your kind messages, i'm realy gonna need a place like this for advice and general chat about whats happening to my mum, friends are so kind, but, if they havent been through this kind of thing they realy cannot understand how hard it is watching someone you Love...
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    New Member.

    Hi all, I have just joined today, My mum has just been diagnosed with alzheimer's so we have brought her to live with us, (me & my husband) as it is all new to me I thought somewhere like this would help answer any questions we may have,and maybe help prepare us for what to expect further down...