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    I care for mum and dad both with dementia

    Jaff please accept my condolances on your Dad's passing. Helping my Mam and Dad for many years has been so hard and I lost my Mam last year March. My Dad is now in a care home yet he seems to be settling. This is such a surreal time isn't it? My thoughts are with you, love Rose x
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    So bizarre !

    A loss is a loss regardless of the circumstances. Please accept my condolances on your Mums passing x
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    I care for mum and dad both with dementia

    Jaff my heart is breaking reading your post. There is only so much that our body and mind can take. Can I suggest that you see your GP for yourself and phone social services who arranged for carer's for your Mum and let them know that your Mums needs have changed. You asked if you are doing...
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    Advice for the last days please

    My deepest condolances to you at this surreal time. I wish you strength in the coming days x
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    So bizarre !

    As one of the bizarreties I hope it is okay to offer my very sincere condolences to you IzzyJ on your loss x
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    goodbye mam

    Please accept my sincere condolences on the loss of your Mum x
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    Tomorrows the day

    My dad is like her. The lady came to us yesterday and it went well. Hope it will be the same for you. Will be thinking of you x
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    So bizarre !

    I'm so glad you are having a break at last Ann Mac. Is anyone else feeling as if they are having withdrawal symptoms?
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    End OF Life Care

    My thoughts are with you at this surreal time x
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    Mum has gone.

    I would also like to offer my sincere condolances at this surreal time x
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    Please accept my sincere condolances x
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    End of life? How long, it's so painful

    Please accept my sincere condolences, love Rose x
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    I can't take any more

    My sincere condolances to you at this sad time. So glad you were with her at the end, I know being with my Mum at that time was immensely important. Love Rose x
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    It all ended and I'm numb

    I'm so sorry your Mum is no longer with you, please accept my condolences. It's nine months today since I lost my Mum and I miss her loads. At the time it all felt so surreal and numbing. I wish you strength and love, Rose
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    My dear mum passed away yesterday

    My deepest condolances on the loss of your parents. Love Rose x
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    Torn in two

    My very sincere condolences at this distressing time for coped so well under such a a traumatic situation. Love Rose x
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    POST BURNOUT plus eight weeks

    Post burnout, must go on I knew I'd reached crisis point. My Dad knew I'd reached crisis point. We decided that in the best interests of all concerned it was time for a care home for my Dad. Enter plea to social worker (we are not self funding). I said that I could not continue helping my...
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    Brain training: the science behind the headlines

    If you google protect study you can register from there, I think x
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    Brain training: the science behind the headlines

    Has anyone else tried the brain games on the altzheimers study? It has drained me but I think I might get hooked!
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    Person with dementia thinks they are "on the otherside"

    My Dad really enjoys the music he hears yet cannot understand why I can't hear it. I tell him that I am more deaf than him and he accepts that, lovely