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    Thank you. I just know she won’t have a clue what’s going on and be so frightened x
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    Hi, my mum has just been taken to a and e because of a back problem. The hospital is not allowing visitors, are there no exceptions for Alzheimer’s patients?
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    Sleeping all the time

    My mum has slept a lot since her diagnosis three years ago. At first I took her for lots of blood tests but finally realised that this is how she copes. She sleeps most of the day and night and when she is up she doesn’t move from her chair. But she is happy and feels safe x
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    What do you do?

    It’s a nightmare isn’t it? Falls team still haven’t been out to see mum, two days later and dr says they’ve referred it, so what do you do? Luckily she seems ok, but still don’t know what caused the fall. Hope your mum’s ok x
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    What do you do?

    Thank you, I’ll do that if it happens again x
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    What do you do?

    So today, mum had a fall. Stood in the kitchen, next thing on the floor and obviously she can’t ember what happened. Nothing there for her to slip or trip over. Thank goodness, she doesn’t seem hurt but as you can imagine, she was very shook up. I phoned the gp to ask if someone could come and...
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    End Stage Dementia

    I don’t know the answer to your question, but wanted you to know I’m thinking of you xxx
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    Suggestions to remember tablets

    Hi, I had this with my mum, but was lucky because her gp said that I could give her them all in one go. She doesn’t take many so it was possible. Good luck x
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    taking to her bed

    Thank you so much for your reply. You may have hit on something with blood pressure. Mum has high bp but when I took her for her check up a couple of weeks ago the go put it down to her not drinking enough. I’ll have a chat with her gp. Thank you again and best wishes to you and yours x
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    taking to her bed

    Thank you for replying, just knowing someone else is experiencing the same makes all the difference. Mum’s appetite isn’t what it was and it’s a struggle to get her to drink. She saw a dr a couple of weeks ago for her bop check. I’m going to see how it goes, she may forget the idea in a couple...
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    taking to her bed

    hi my mum is 87 and three years into her Alzheimers diagnosis. She lives alone and family go in twice a day to do everything for her. She spends a lot of time in bed and when she's up doesn't do anything at all except sit in her chair. She doesn't go out. Today she has decided that she...
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    Low blood pressure

    Thank you, I’ll keep an eye to her standing up, you are probably right that she won’t think of it as being dizzy. Definitely going to buy a home monitor. Thanks again x
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    Low blood pressure

    hi all. I took my mum for her annual bp test today. It is usually quite high and she takes medication for it. Today it was low - 106/66 and the drsuggested it was because she isn’t drinking enough. She isnt dizzy or light headed. We do struggle to get her to remember to drink and do all we can...
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    Advice welcome please

    Hi Jean1928, I’m sorry I haven’t any advice for you, just wanted to empathise with the feeling of being told different things by different professionals, it drives you to distraction! Hopefully someone will come along with practical advice for you xx
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    Just lost my soulmate to pneumonia

    What a terrible time for you. Use Talking Point as much as you need. Everyone is here for you. You obviously have a lot of strength, but we all need as much support as we can get.much love xxx
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    PWD's exhaustion.....people's thoughts

    Obviously everyone is different, but my mum has been exhausted since she was diagnosed three years ago. She has had every physical test and there’s nothing wrong, so we can only attribute it to Alzheimer’s .
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    Cataract done!

    Thanks for your reply Shedrech. It was a really traumatic day. We tried to tell her that she couldn’t live alone if she went blind. Now she’s telling everyone that we are ‘putting her in a home’. It’s so wearing, but hopefully as you say the result will be worth it for her x
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    Cataract done!

    Well yesterday was the day! I only told mum the date of her op the day before because I knew she would worry. She was fine when I told her. Come the day though, I had a phone call to say she wasn’t going. Two hours later, after tantrums and shouting, she agreed to go. She lives alone, so losing...
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    I hope you got through the night and today ok ♥️
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    I certainly will MaNaAk. She still doesn’t have a date for her op but she seems to be coming round to the idea at least x