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    Has anyone tried a Riviera bathlift?

    alternative to bath at home Mum hasn't been able to get to the bathroom for years and was really missing baths. She now goes once a week to a care home for day care with a bath and lunch. It would be expensive if she didn't need so much care at home anyway, but it replaces two two-carer visits...
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    Is diagnosis worth it?

    positive outcome My Mum has mixed vascular and Alzheimer's. The vascular has been physically very debilitating and the Alzheimer's has slowed her thinking down a lot, sometimes confusing her or making her imagine things. The first big benefit of the diagnosis was that she no longer felt stupid...
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    Poetry suggestions

    Where my wellies take me by Clare Morpurgo. This is a lovely book of poems, pictures & memories. Especially for an artistic/thinky person.
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    any suggestions ??

    autoview? where do you get autoview from? Mum has a sky box and it doesn't have that function. She can't use the remote at all and gets stuck with dreadful programs like Jeremy Kyle!
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    could anyone's fainting be described as slumping? Just found out from an OT this week that Mum's unexplained episodes of slumping to the ground over the years would be explained by bleeds on the brain. Whereas the falling over is from balance & weakness problems which I guess is related to the...