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    Help please! What are our rights re hospital?

    Also from NICE guidelines http:// 4.9 BASIC LEGAL AND ETHICAL CONCEPTS IN CONNECTION WITH DEMENTIA CARE 4.9.1 Introduction The ethical problems that arise in the context of dementia mainly relate...
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    Help please! What are our rights re hospital?

    NICE guidelines state " People with dementia should not be excluded from any services because of their diagnosis, age (whether designated too young or too old) or coexisting learning disabilities."...
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    Help please! What are our rights re hospital?

    She should be offered rehab. We had a similar situation with my dad. I've got some files saved somewhere, I'll try and find them and post the links. Do not consent to them sending her home. The fact sheet Sue linked to above states on pages 12 & 13 that intermediate care should be offered...
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    Help/advice desperately needed to stop dad biting & hurting himself

    When my Dad broke his hip he said he wasn't in pain, but he must have been he was black and blue. I'd certainly ant to try pain medication. It sounds by distressing for you all :(
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    Not long now

    I'm sorry to read this. Wishing you strength for this sad stage.
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    Lewy Bodies Dementia LDB:linked to Robin Williams' death

    I'm so grateful that the family have allowed this information to be shared. It's vital that more people, especially medical professionals, know about this form of dementia. There was so little awareness in the community, hospitals and even the specialist dementia home my Dad was in. I think the...
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    R.i.p "l"

    One of the wife's of a resident in my dad's care home wrote a letter when my dad died. It was such a kind gesture at such a sad time, I wouldn't hesitate. I often think of the others that my dad left behind.
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    Hubby going into CH for respite

    I'm so sorry to read your story and see that you and your husband are both suffering so much. I hope that you both get the support you need and deserve, I'll be thinking of you (())
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    feel this is the end for Mum

    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time (())
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    Dnr versus antibiotics

    My Dad had an advanced directive that stated no IV antibiotics. In hospital he was given oral antibiotics against ours and his wishes (they said he had capacity, he didn't !) in the nursing home the on call GP and his own GP agreed when we stated we didn't want oral antibiotics, Dad had had...
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    Has anyone ever had a capacity assessment done privately?

    Capacity can be fluid especially in the earlier stages of dementia. Also someone could have capacity to make some decisions but not others. Is there a specific reason you ask, it can be tricky to get POA once decisions about capacity are queried.
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    CHC Funding

    I think it's worthwhile you trying and Kate's information is very concise in terms of the things that are relevant. You do say see is there of her own free will but if she's in a locked dementia unit, then she is ultimately being deprieved of her liberty (to leave) and as such I would imagine...
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    William has gone

    I'm so sorry for your loss, it's still such a shock even though you know it's coming. Rest in peace William, thinking of you Lady A at the this difficult time x
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    Refusing food and drink

    Thinking of all of you going through this hard stage.
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    I've read before that as dementia progresses the ability to taste goes, but sugar is one thing that can still be detected. Might explain it? Will see if I can find a link.
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    NHS Framework for CHC: non-Coughlan compliant?

    It's all wrong isn't Kate. I think my Dad was unusual (from what I've read) in that he wasn't violent but unable to remember that he couldn't walk (due to breaking his hip) and poor mobility due to his LBD, he therefore repeatedly put himself at great risk of harm due to falls. He also had awful...
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    NHS Framework for CHC: non-Coughlan compliant?

    We obtained CHC funding for my Dad. We spent hours trawling the internet and found the Luke Clements videos really helpful. We took several hours and prepared our own checklist, the nurse in charge of CHC applications then spent several hours with me going through Dads notes and filling in her...
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    Dad has bumped head twice!!!

    Hi Purdy, sorry to hear about your Dad's falls it's very disturbing seeing them so bruised. My Dad had Lewy body too, one of the features of LBD is the loss of the ability to control autonomic functions, so the erratic blood pressure can be related to that which in turn could be causing the...
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    My dad certainly had insight into his dementia, he had lewy body dementia and one of the features of LBD is fluctuating cognition. The day before he died he was able to voice his concerns about what his future held, heartbreaking for him and us. He was also able to articulate that he was losing...
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    William is very unwell again.

    Thinking of you both, I hope William remains peacful.