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  1. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Yay! So pleased you have your wheels back..............Freedom! xx
  2. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    How could he drive after being in the bar!! :rolleyes:
  3. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Hi Sam Just popping in to see how you are. Sorry to hear about your car but I think the camper van is a great idea and would be beneficial for you and your Mum. We don't have a pathway but we are near the beach with lots of parking (and you nearly know your way here:D). All this talk about...
  4. SisterAct

    supporting family from a distance- the whole story, now what?

    The reason you feel guilty is because you are so caring and thoughtful. Have you spoken to your Dad and sister to tell them how you feel? Does your Mum have a sibling or close friend that might be able to talk to her or meet up now and again? Really good suggestions from people on here for...
  5. SisterAct

    A new moderator on the Talking Point team!

    Congratulations Cat. I'm sure you will do a grand job xx
  6. SisterAct

    My lovely mum

    Hi JackyS So sorry to hear about your Mum. Thinking of you and your family today as you say your goodbyes, she will always be with you in spirit. We know at this moment in time how devastated you must be but the lovely memories will eventually overtake the sad ones. Take care Luv Barb and...
  7. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Ha ha....look forward to it. Face mask at the ready :D
  8. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Thank you JM and Lady A xx
  9. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Sam, when is the Irish meet up please?
  10. SisterAct

    Can I ... Should I?

    Hi Sam and Margi Found you on here at last! Just to let you know that I haven't forgotten about the info we used for Dad that I was going to send you, I will sort it out and forward it as soon as possible. It was lovely to meet you both in Liverpool (lovely pair of nutters) and hope to...
  11. SisterAct

    My lovely Liam has gone

    Kayze So sorry to hear about your husband. Thinking of you and your family xxx
  12. SisterAct

    The end has come

    So sorry to hear about the loss of your Amun. Thinking of you all xxx
  13. SisterAct

    Over and Out.

    We are the same as a few others Gwen, just popping in. Today I was wondering how you were. I'm so sorry for your loss but not sorry that they have both escaped this horrible illness and are together again. Margaret must have secretly enjoyed knowing about the gift she was bestowing on you...
  14. SisterAct

    HELP! Severe vascular dementia - what now?

    Hi MissT Sorry you are all going through this. Our Dad went exactly the same. Out and about one day and bed ridden the next. It came on so fast we we really shocked. We couldn't make him eat or drink and it was really hard to deal with. Hopefully they have checked for water infections as...
  15. SisterAct

    A new stage in my life...................

    Oh Sylvia, we are thinking of you and Helen's family. Thinking special thoughts of Helen and hope she is pain free and comfortable. xxxx
  16. SisterAct

    Mental health assessment

    Re His assessment....I would ask to see his doctor at the hospital as they should be able to advise you. His aggression could be due to the fact that he is in hospital and not in familiar surroundings. His dementia makes his hospital stay a scary one (for him). Who knows what is going through...
  17. SisterAct

    Thank you for your support

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Thinking of you all xx
  18. SisterAct

    A new stage in my life...................

    Can you add me please xx
  19. SisterAct

    Chewing clothes

    Perhaps she is having trouble with her teeth/gums have you tried a teething ring. She is obviously getting some pleasure or relief from chewing the collars. Our Dad used to eat tissues Luv Pol xx
  20. SisterAct

    How did you let her get so bad?

    Oh The Invisibles!! Such an apt name for them as that's what we should do, just forget they are there as in 'Dementia World' we have enough to cope with. When I told all the family how bad our Dad was, one of my cousins said, "would it help if I visited him?" She has never visited him or our Mum...