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  1. Rosie

    My Mam.

    Thank you Helen, I still pop on the site every now & then, it has helped so much over the years. I appreciate all the advice,support & empathy I had when I logged on some days in the depths of despair. Thank you for replying & remembering my mam & me..x I am getting on as best you can, I'm a...
  2. Rosie

    My Mam.

    Remembering today Mam, two years since you have gone... love & miss you always xxxxxxxxxx
  3. Rosie

    My Wife's World

    just read this posting & it brought back memories of my lovely mam & the times i visited her in the Hospital, sitting holding her hand & looking into her blue eyes, hoping & praying she could feel i was there & knew my love for her was as strong as ever, even though she could not communicate...
  4. Rosie

    future dementia?

    I think about " what if ?" sometimes but life is to short, what will be will be, what can we do? Just try & live your own life to the full, take care of each other, be kind & happy, laugh & love a lot, lol Rosie xxx
  5. Rosie

    Hi I'm new

    Hia Nic, welcome to TP, you are going to find this forum very useful, i had no-one to talk to when my mam was diagnosed, I came here to sound off, get advice, find comfort, its invaluable, my mam passed away 2009, but it is a long journey & my mam was 71 when she passed away but was diagnosed at...
  6. Rosie

    Update on Lionel

    Thank you for sharing those lovely photo's, as you say Lionel is content, thats good, he seems quite peaceful in the photo's. Love to you Connie xxxxx
  7. Rosie

    Rogues and vagabonds

    Goodness it so awful reading all these postings, how can another human being take so much advantage of someone who is elderly & vunerable, it makes me feel sick to the stomach. what is this world coming to?? there has to be some decent people left out there somewhere?!? i know there is good...
  8. Rosie

    Mams Birthday.

    hia snip, thank you for your message xxxx lots love sent your way to xxxx leading up to my mam's birthday i felt really down & tearful, still miss her loads & always will, i know people say it gets easier but a part of my heart will always be broken & empty, its just how it is, the emotions...
  9. Rosie

    Mams Birthday.

    hia maryw, thank you for your message & reading my posting. Yes, my mam is there in my heart & my head & hopefully one day i will meet her again, love & best wishes Rosie xxx
  10. Rosie

    Mams Birthday.

    Hia everyone, Dont come on here as much as I used to since mam passed away September 26th 2009, but its my lovely mams birthday tomorrow, would have been 72 yrs young, wanted to just say Happy Birthday to a lovely, lovely mam, miss you loads, always will, love you tons, hope you are at peace &...
  11. Rosie

    christmas ?

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum. My mam passed away last year in September, I know thats a few months before Xmas but it will never be the same for me now, well, life is never the same is it. You just have to get on with things because other people expect it, nothings ever the same, when...
  12. Rosie

    You know it will come, but nevertheless it is a shock

    Dear Brucie, I hope the visit to Jan's care home goes ok, emotionally draining no doubt, but I'm sure your strength will carry you through. Best wishes to your self & family for Christmas, will be thinking of you & all the good people here on TP, take care Rosie xx
  13. Rosie

    Update on Lionel

    Thinking of you Connie, hope you are managing to keep your chin up & are looking after yourself, love & hugs at this difficult time, Rosie xxx
  14. Rosie

    You know it will come, but nevertheless it is a shock

    Hello Brucie, i have only just read your posting about the passing away of your wife, i am so sorry to hear your sad news. I always remember you as one of the first people i had a reply from when i first logged onto TP. You told me that Jan was from Neath originally? Which of course is just...
  15. Rosie

    6 years and counting..........

    Reading all your postings about your mums & dads being so young & having AD, my mam was diagnosed she was just 59 yrs old, she passed away last year, she was 70. It is terrible, terrible disease, so very cruel & i can understand all your feelings & comments, you have just got to take things day...
  16. Rosie

    Loss of susie

    I am so sorry to hear about the sad loss of your wife. I have just read all your postings, the tears are running down my cheeks, your lovely poems, your lovely daughters & grandchildren, so cruel to have to watch the person you love suffer so, i watched my Mam the same way.. I hope you can find...
  17. Rosie

    Update on Lionel

    Dear Connie, thinking of you & Lionel, such an awful time for you, i hope he picks up, take care of yourself, sending you lots love & hugs xxxxxx
  18. Rosie

    Dad now failing rapidly :-(

    My thoughts are with you, hope you find peace as well now, Rosie x
  19. Rosie

    New to the Forum

    Welcome... Hia Julie, welcome to TP.. This forum has been a lifeline to me, you will get plenty of sensible advice, understanding, lots information regarding lots things, & plenty hugs & love. I have been logging on for a few years now, my lovely Mam passed away sadly last September, but I...
  20. Rosie

    I am glad that Mummy is free...

    Dear Edithasta, As you say your mum is at peace now, free from a terrible disease, sending love & hugs, hope fully you & your family now can find peace as well, take care Rosie xxx