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    Alzheimer's documentary!

    Hi Sally, Have you tried the student forum at Leeds Uni ? I know they offer an open learning package for dementia studies so I'm presuming they have a department of health studies. It might be worth investigating a link there for other contacts. It might result in more face to face contact...
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    i cant cope

    Anne Marie Its always hard to lose someone you love. This illness can leave so many guilt feelings, whatever you did for Gran wont seem like the right thing right at this time. Dont be hard on yourself. Now is the time to look after yourself. You sound so low. Please find someone to help you...
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    Distressed today.

    Dear Connie, The sad thing is that help from statutory bodies comes in little boxes. If you tick the right box you will get that little cube of help. Unfortunately its a mass produced solution - one size that fits very few. I guess you don't need (physical) help on a regular basis with the...
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    iron tablets and teeth!

    teeth Iron tablets are known to turn the mouth / teeth black. It happens if the tablets are chewed or held in the mouth once the sugar coating is broken. It may help to give the tablets with a spoonful of jam or yoghurt. If mum is having trouble swallowing tablets in general ask about a...
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    Stookie, If all this has happened quickly you must be reeling. Take a little time to browse through the threads and see how other people have reacted. It does seem a little easier as you absorb the shock and get used to the idea of living with dementia in the family. Take things bit by bit...
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    ABout me - Dearth - Staff Nurse (almost)

    Countdown time. Congrats on the new post. Keep polishing your enthusiasm. Really pleased for you. love Finnian
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    Oh for goodness sake!

    We looked high and low for all my husband's socks for days. He was convinced the kids had them. "What would teenagers want with Dad's socks ?" I asked, only to get a very mysterious "You never know" from hubby who is convinced its part of a Government conspiracy. (He is ex Forces and...
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    one flaw in carers

    Maggier That is beautiful. Can I use it for my display board for carers' week later in the year. Does it have any copyright / an author I can acknowledge ? Finnian
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    N.i.c.e. Report Conclusions

    Thanks for the info, Bruce. Appreciate your efforts. Finnian
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    Wheee! Highlight of the day

    Rummy, I have a filthy little house that would cure you once and for all. I could easily send my address. Finnian
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    Wheee! Highlight of the day

    I spent time on my allotment today. It was sunny and I was warm with 4 layers of jumpers ( thats a layer for every inch of ice in my rainwater butt). The ground is too wet to dig yet so the dog and I mooched round finding catkins and snowdrops in the wood that runs through the site. We saw the...
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    I'd echo daughter's comments. Have a word with the manager and resolve your fears as soon as possible. Many people with dementia have little habits that can be displayed in public that normally we would do in private. Unfortunately that is part of the illness. Any good home with well trained...
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    A 4 legged friend

    Thats a beautiful photo. It would make a lovely Christmas card. Thanks for sharing it. Finnian
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    My beloved mother is at peace

    Oonagh Just wanted to send you and your family a hug. Take comfort from the fact you did as much as possible to support your Mum. I hope that the pain you feel at the moment eases and is replaced by happier thoughts of the life you shared. You are in my thoughts. Finnian
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    thanks for your help guys, sorry I couldnt help back...

    Lordy, Ted. Sheila hit it on the head with her tangled ball of wool. Where do you start ? Its not surprising you have run out of steam. To start with, back problems run you into the ground with the unrelenting pain. Have you tried a tens machine ? I find it helpful for a niggle I have...
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    Sleepiness during the day

    Its worth just asking the GP to check her out. It could just be AD but there might be other problems as well. I'm thinking of a thyroid problem (easily sorted with some medication) Other symptoms of this are putting on weight, extra facial hair / whiskers in a lady and feeling cold. Best...
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    Moving Day

    Here's hoping everything goes smoothly. Best wishes for today and the future. Finnian
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    Thank you, Dad passed away today

    A good dad will always be by your side whether you can see him or not. You carry his love with you. Don't worry about the funeral. It will come and go. Grasp it and make it how you want it to be - a special goodbye for your Dad. If religion is a comfort for you choose a favourite hymn or...
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    What do I say to her?

    Sorry I haven't got any bright ideas to add; but a warm welcome to TP. Hope the support here will help you through all this. Regards Finnian
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    Nikki, Snoozieann is quite right. Look after yourself first. If you don't recharge your batteries you can't help anyone else. Sounds like you are already at the end of your tether. Could you find out if there is a hospital social worker wherever Mum is going and talk to them (behind her...