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    Falls in late stage alzheimer's

    update to falls in later stages Thank you to you all. As an update after dad's last fall he seemed less responsive by the day and i even questioned brain damage! I was fobbed off but last thursday he was admitted to hospital and put onto antibiotics for a chest infection, put onto a drip and we...
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    Falls in late stage alzheimer's

    Hi everyone, it's been a long time since i've written on here but here i am again to once again ask for advice! My dad who is 76 and in a care home is now in the later stages of alzheimers. Up until 4 weeks ago he was still fairly active and would often pace the corriders all day, hence why...
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    Care homes and hospitals

    Hello Lauren, first of all can I say that i've read your posts before and your uncle is so very lucky to have someone like you who's so kind and caring to support him. You are doing the right thing by looking at lots of care homes and you get a 'feel' for places as soon as you walk through the...
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    visiting getting harder

    Hi, you have my every sympathy about hard visits, my sister and i are finding it harder and harder, we never know what we're going to find with dad! I still try and find positives even in the worst visits, the odd word or smile. He no longer aske to go 'home'. When he did we too tried...
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    Antipsychotic Drugs

    When dad first went onto mediaction his mental assessment score was only 14 so aricept etc wasn't an option. He was prescibed an anti psychotic to help calm him , this had to be changed to another one as it didn't suit him. He's also on an anti depresssent too.
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    Antipsychotic Drugs

    Update! Hi everyone, Well i had the meeting with the care home manager and discussed dad's drugs, she actually raised the subject before i did, saying we could do with a review! I went last wednesday and the doctor was also visiting that day. I had a chat with one of his carers and she...
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    Cavalry on the way, thanks to TP

    Oh Sue, in the midst of all your desperation with your Dad, you still have your sense of humour! I do understand your frustrations and i think it's wonderful you are there for your mum and dad. However frustrating and angry he might make you at times, at others you just have to smile. The one...
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    something to make you all smile

    My teenage daughter has just come home from school and a group of 4 of them have been baking and selling biscuits today and selling them for 20p. Their chosen charities were placed into a hat and hers was pulled out, so a grand sum of £15 is going to the Alzheimers society. It's the little...
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    Antipsychotic Drugs

    I couldn't agree more with the above comments and thank you. I'm not saying these drugs are bad, for some they are the saviour between sanity and the other and i feel so much for the people who are 'caring' and coping at home for their loved one's. Two important issues are that people shouldn't...
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    Support in Leicestershire

    Hi, I'm from leicestershire but sorry i don't know of anything in hinckly itself. Just wanted to say it's well worth getting in touch with the local alzheimers branch as in post above. We received a home visit from a super lady who was packed with knowledge! May be worth asking at the local GP's...
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    Hi Edie, I'm glad you've made an appointment to speak to your GP, in the meantime the advice sheets here on the website on 'dementia and drugs' are well worth looking at. Best of luck Jane
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    Antipsychotic Drugs

    Thanks for the reply Gill and yes i did see the programme, which was very interesting but alarming. I have an appointment with the manager of the home tomorrow so we'll see!
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    Antipsychotic Drugs

    Hello again everyone :). Just interested to hear anyones comments on the article in the 'Daily Mail' today on page 2 regarding the drugs being used to treat dementia symptoms. My dad is on 'sulpiride' which is an antipsychotic drug. Just lately he's not been so good and I question whether it's...
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    My Dad

    Hello Jackie and welcome to Talking Point, as for many of us it's both a wealth of info for us and somewhere to laugh and cry! I have learnt along the way that AZ is a bit like parenting, there's no manual and not always a right and wrong way of doing things. I assume you've already got your...
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    Worst Christmas ever....!!

    I am so sorry for the way you are feeling right now and i can offer you no advice except to say hang on in there, look forward to your visit and make the very best of it that you can. Know that people are on here to listen and they do care. I wish you and your family all the very best
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    is there something wrong with me?

    Dear Laura, You should be very proud of youself. You can only take one day at a time and deal with whatever it brings, some are better than others. A friend described it to me as it's like having a stone in your stomach and some days it weighs heavier than others but it's always there. Tears...
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    want to give a gift to nurses (not chocolates)

    I've just bought some of the 'forget-me not seeds' in packets from the Alzheimers websit shop and i'm going to hand them out with christmas presents as little extras. One, because they can be grown into lovely little flowers and two, because they will raise awareness of this terrible disease.
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    what happens now?

    Hi Lauren, I am so sorry for your post and your sadness and frustration breathes from the page. I have read your posts before and you are obviously young and i admire you for your support to your mum and uncle. don,t you just love it when social services tell you to do the impossible! of course...
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    future is bleak...

    Thanks for your replies, they always help. I have to say I took dad to a cafe the other day for a coffee and a scone and as i buttered it for him, talking to him all the time, he looked up at me and said 'i love you'. A moment to treasure......:)
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    future is bleak...

    Dads brain scan was 3 weeks ago and my sister and i went to see his consultant today for the results. he confirmed AZ and confirmed that he's only going to get worse and that it's too late for medication to make a difference to him, ( he's keeping him on his sulpride and anti-depressent for the...