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    Dementia not treated as a terminal illness

    You are so right Tiddlywink I was just watching Loose Women (my guilty pleasure sometimes) and they were saying that Marie Curie were saying that it is wrong that Alzheimers isn't treated as a terminal illness and patients need the same level of care especially at the end of life stage. I...
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    Hard to move on

    Thanks for your reply Linda. It would be pointless getting carers in as she would refuse to let them through the door. My own mum had carers after a bit of persuasion, but she had a slight awareness that things weren't right with her and she needed help, and as I lived half an hours drive...
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    Hard to move on

    My mum died in 2010 of end stage Alzheimer's - hung on to bitter end with all the horrors that entails. My problem at the moment is that I have been caring for my mother in law who has vascular dementia since my mum died without any break in between and every day that I see her it just...
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    Drinking & U T I 's ?

    Hi My mother in law has the same problem. She doesn't drink enough and is always complaining of wanting to go to the toilet to pee. Occasionally she does have a UTI, but most of the time her urine sample is negative and it is just the lack of fluid that is irritating her bladder. Of...
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    A life in the day of.........................

    So sorry for your loss Sylvia. Hope you find some comfort in knowing that you did a wonderful job in caring for Dhiren and that he is now at peace. Love Roma x
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    Is it a sign?

    Hi piedwarbler I have had the exact same sign. It was about a year and a bit after my mother had died. I was sitting outside the hairdressers waiting for my appointment. I had pulled up behind this car and didn't take much notice of it at the time. I then pulled out my newspaper to have...
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    article on Dementia as cause of death.

    My mother's death certificate read only one cause of death - dementia - which was accurate as she didn't get pneumonia, she just lost the ability to eat and drink, caused by her brain shutting down which of course shut everything else down. Roma x
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    Dad is starting on his neighbour again

    We've all had days like that turmoil. Don't beat yourself up about it. Take care Roma x
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    On the Feast of Stephen

    I know, I've just turned the page of the Daily Mail and there it is!!! Roma x
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    On the Feast of Stephen

    Wish I hadn't read your e-mail garnuft. I've taped Downton Abbey to watch tomorrow - you should have had a spoiler alert at the beginning of your thread!!! Mind you the press was saying that the actor who plays Matthew was probably going to be leaving so I'm not surprised. Happy New...
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    Continence Issues

    Hi all My MIL is starting to show signs of urinary incontinence. She won't admit to having a problem but her underwear is always covered in urine. I want to start by giving her some light pads to see how she gets on with these but I'm just a bit worried that she'll put them down the...
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    Tablets for overactive bladder

    Hi all Has anyone had any experience of antispasmodic tablets for an overactive bladder, they are called Urispas (flavoxate hydrochloride). My MIL has been complaining of needing to go to the toilet all the time. I've taken urine samples to be tested and they all came back negative so the...
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    Joan Phillips 1923 - 2012

    My deepest sympathy to you Simon. Now your mum is free. Love Roma x
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    The end of David`s journey.

    So sorry to hear about David. Take strength knowing that he is at peace now. Love Roma x
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    Peter Clarke (Craig Clarke's Dad) Funeral and Celebration

    My sincere condolences Craig. Roma x
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    Using the telephone

    Hi Gillm Check that she doesn't have a urine infection. My MIL has just arrived home after breaking her hip and is much more confused so we're testing for a urine infection - there were other symptoms as well but as she had a catheter in while in the hospital, I'm convinced she has a UTI...
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    Banking: Joint accounts with a person who has dementia

    When my dad died and long before my mother got dementia, she decided to put me as joint account holder on her bank account and building society account. She was a very organised person in those days and thought it a good idea in case she became incapacitated in any way. I found it very easy...
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    Me again, struggling, its sunday!

    Hi Muriel I know how you feel to some extent. I wasn't there in the final hours of my mum passing. I was there for 24 hours the previous day and went home for some sleep and she died at 11.30 that evening. Something I'll always regret. It'll be 2 years next Monday since she died and...
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    Mum is at peace.

    My deepest sympathy to you Hazel. Your mum is now free. Love Roma xx
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    My mum is finally sleeping

    Dear Annie It must give you great comfort to know that your mum and dad are together again. I know it helped me through when I lost my own mum in similar circumstances. She is now at peace. Love Roma xx