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  1. burfordthecat

    The fateful day...

    Me again:) If you want to use the "Tell us once" service to notify of a death, the certificate number (top right hand ) on the Interim Death Certificate will not work. All you need to do is to ring through to your local registry office, explain you have an interim certificate and could they...
  2. burfordthecat

    The fateful day...

    Hi Chugaluggg I've not posted on TP for many years now, but still try to keep up with everyone. I was so very sorry to hear about Mr Snugs. At least his is finally at peace away from this awful illness. From reading your thread, I think you did an amazing job finding such a caring home for...
  3. burfordthecat

    Thinking about moving care homes..dilemma

    Hi Gigi If you are happy with the "new" care home, my vote would be to move Eric. Yes it may cause some short term issues but I feel that for the long term benefits it would be worthwhile. I've got my fingers crossed that SS make this an easy exercise for you both. Love Carina x x
  4. burfordthecat

    Important Notice. Please read.

    Hi Hazel I tried to send you a PM this morning but your box is full. Carina
  5. burfordthecat

    difficult time

    Hi Lyn I'm still around but don't post that often on TP anymore. I am really sorry to hear about Dave and all the problems you are having with the hospital. You really have enough to deal with, without having to fight the system. I hope that this week brings some positive progress for both...
  6. burfordthecat

    happy birthday skye

    Hi Hazel Sorry to hear that you're feeling down.:( I hope you enjoy your birthday. Love Carina x x
  7. burfordthecat

    I need support

    Hi Tina I've not posted on this thread before...but have been reading it daily. All I can say is..... "Go girl, you show "um" and I think that you (and "your team") already have. All of you have just been fantastic.:) You should all feel so proud of what you have already achieved...
  8. burfordthecat

    Brian died at 6.15 p.m. to-day

    Dear Nan I've only just logged on. I am so very sorry to hear about Brian. It was good to read that Brian waited for you and he passed away peacefully, whilst being surrounded by love. We can't really ask for more than that, can we? My thoughts are with you and your family. Love...
  9. burfordthecat

    Henry ill, I am concerned....

    Dear Loo I'm thinking about you and Henry today. I hope the transfer to the CH is stress free and uneventful. Today you and Henry step out on a new path. I've got everything crossed that this is the beginning of you both having good quality time together, minus the stress and upset you...
  10. burfordthecat

    ive brought my mam home from hospital to die in my home

    Hi Jackson I've been following your thread from the beginning but until now have not posted. I take my hat off to you and your partner. The love and commitment which you are giving to your mum is endless. I honestly don't think there is a greater gift you could give to her. I hope that...
  11. burfordthecat

    Henry ill, I am concerned....

    Hi Loo I haven't posted often on your thread, but I've been following it right from the start. First of all, can I say.....well done you:) You have battled, battled and then battled some more to get the best for Henry and you have succeeded. I was so pleased to read your update today...
  12. burfordthecat

    Reached rock bottom

    Hi Nan Just catching up with your thread. I am so pleased for you that Brian was able to say "I love you". That will make a page in your memory book which you will never forget.:) I applaud you for standing your ground and making the complaint. I too have horrible memories of when my...
  13. burfordthecat

    Mum's roommate died

    Joanne That has made me feel quite sad.:( I do hope that your Mum is not upset with having a "different" room mate. Love Carina x x
  14. burfordthecat

    New Member

    A welcome from me too Sorry to hear about your Nan. I am sure that you will find TP (Talking Point) very supportive. Please feel free to ask any questions. The amount of understanding and experience available to you, on here, is fantastic. Love Carina x x
  15. burfordthecat

    42nd day in hospital, now swollen feet and ankles...?

    Hi Loo I've been following this thread from the start but never posted. It sounds as though the old "guilt monster" is twisting you around his little finger and has absolutely no right to do so. You have, are doing and will continue to do your very best for Henry, anyone reading this...
  16. burfordthecat

    A life in the day of.........................

    Sylvia So to hear that Dhiren is poorly. Sounds as though the CH have been very proactive which is good to read. Hope the ABs kick in soon and Dhiren is feeling much better soon. Love Carina x x
  17. burfordthecat

    Itching and scratching

    Hi Welcome to Talking Point. My daughter has suffered skin conditions since being only a few months old. I was advised to use aqueous but found, in my daughter's case, that is actually made her skin hurt - an almost burning sensation. I have since only used diprobase and it has been very...
  18. burfordthecat

    A sad day

    Hi Dunferline So sorry to hear about you dad's passing. It was lovely that all the family were together with him. I'm sure this will give you much comfort in the months to come. When my dad died, I too was shell shocked but also felt the "calmness" that you describe. Deep down we know...
  19. burfordthecat

    Care home costs

    Hi Imac When my dad went into full time care, I had a visit from a lady from my local County Council who did a full financial review on dad's behalf. Basically all of dad's pensions both state and private went towards his care fees. He was left with an allowance of £23.50 each week...
  20. burfordthecat

    I feel so bad mum on hospital

    Larivy What a shock for you and your mum. I'll be thinking of you both. Love Carina x x