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    I'll never learn!

    My Mother is the same. Constant questions, messing up the calendar. Food etc. But she does so enjoy the visits although she will forget. I have yet to find a way and would be very interested to hear a better way of coping. I am also showered with moans and complaints. Lovely
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    The funny side of dementia

    Boris Johnson hair My mother recently has been convinced that her hair looks like Boris Johnson. For years shes had a perm and only very recently has it gone straight.I thought she was unhappy with the new style no she !ikes it. Every time she looks in the mirror she thinks It looks like...
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    When is the right time for residential care? Is there ever a right time?

    I am also an on!y child like you and have just started to look at the local homes. There are so many different types and the two I have seen are very different. I feel you need to be able to take your time to look if you are lucky enough to have it. With me I have been thinking of looking...
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    Suspected uti

    Thank you for your reply. I will start to monitor more closely what she is drinking . I did ask about BM but she said she was fine I will be more forceful. She likes tea and coffee. The apple juice I got her and the elderf!owed cordial have not gone down well. Must try harder.
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    Suspected uti

    Need some more advice My mother has had a uti for about two weeks. She is now on her second course of antibiotics nitrofurantoin which she started on Tuesday. Her appetite has improved and she was up and dressed for the later end of yesterday. Today though she has not wanted to dress and...
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    Had enough today.

    Just wanted to say rant as much as you like. You are coping with so much more than me. And properly coping. I don't live with my mother (suspected uti) and she is still able to do my head in whilst lying in bed refusing to drink or eat much. Expecting 3rd visit from Gp later on. I have...
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    Suspected uti

    Thank you everyone for your comments. It is comforting in an absurd sort of way that other people are having similar experiences. You all have my 100% admiration and of course sympathy. Also Confused the idea of not blowing my top for ten minutes then a reward makes sense. I too would...
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    Suspected uti

    Thank you Also Confused for your reply. You are right I did get my mother the help. I know the alz does not help. I am a not a very good nurse my poor mother. To help my patience levels I m doing some breathing exercises. Which helps with a little distance.
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    Suspected uti

    The 111 doctor came and checked my mother over. Gave some pain killers for the headache and call Gp in morning to find out results of uti test taken on Wednesday. And possibly get a visit from a Gp. And she would recommend some blood tests to be taken. She is lying in bed with her eye...
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    Suspected uti

    My mother has a suspected uti. And has a headache and has been retiring to her bed each day. We are now waiting for a visit from a duty doctor as I have called 111 for the 2nd time in 4 days. It was the ambulance on Monday. She is feeling extremely sorry for herself but has not picked up...
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    I just wanted to say don't blame yourself too. It is extremely difficult when one of a couple has it and the other one covers up. You and your Mother did what you could. Hopefully you will receive the support you need now. This site is wonderful for support. And Welcome to TP
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    Incessant Moaning

    I have no idea what my mother would like on her Dementia channel. Definetly not Sky News or Bargain Hunt. Perhaps an old comedy. Dads Army but that would be my choice.
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    Incessant Moaning

    Worrier 123. I love the idea of a Dementia channel. I have a feeling it would have many subscribers. My mother included:mad:;):D
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    Incessant Moaning

    Ringing bells for me Oh yes I know about the moaning. I even had a set of TV controls thrown at me complete with moans yesterday My mother is convinced her TV is stuck, its not. Everyday she has even seen the news before it breaks. You all have my sympathy it is so draining. Sometimes...
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    My mother also has a knicker obsession. She washes them daily. I once found a pair dropped over the kettle, drying in a patch of sunlight. Actually this week I had a good clear out of her knickers and did a hot wash with vanish they came out a treat. My next job is her jumper collection
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    I need advice

    I do hope the ambulance has been by now and your mother is being cared for. You must be exhausted. Do let us know what happens.
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    feeling guilty

    My Mother has a diary that she writes in.too. She has kept one for years, today it is very important to her but can sometimes be an work of fiction. It seems to help her remember what she did yesterday. I too am feeling very guilty as I have not been round to see My mother for a few days...
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    Mum is really violent

    I am pleased to hear the emergency team have now been. At the very least you are on their radar now. I hope the upped medicine make your mother a little easier to deal with. Take one step at a time. And you have nothing to be ashamed of in wandering about your own housing needs. You will get...
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    Mum is really violent

    You have done the right thing. Your Mother obviously needs more care than you can possibly provide. Making the call will make things easier. From your post you have coped so very well and must not let the guilt monster get to you. I don't think I could cope as well as you. I hope...
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    In a better place thanks to this forum

    Well said. I hope things continue to improve and you reach a nice safe plateau.