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  1. lemonjuice

    Stop and start eating - is this common?

    Yes, my mum was like that for years and it was only the patience of the carers who persevered with feeding her that kept her going.
  2. lemonjuice

    How long can it possibly take till the end?

    Unfortunately as many here will testify that 'end stage' can take literally months, or even years. Though in view of your Mum's advanced age I doubt it will be years. And yes it is heart-breaking to watch them deteriorate to nothing and still keep going. Like your Mum mine improved on going...
  3. lemonjuice

    Needs nursing care - is it worth applying for CHC?

    Don't be. most of us have 'been there' at some point! She may be right in that to assess whether someone need 'Nursing Care' contributions, they have to complete the full CHC Diagnostic Assessment Tool and tese are only available in a Nursing Home as opposed to a Care Home.
  4. lemonjuice

    The rollercoaster is off again...

    Oh Timeout, I can so identify with that. My mother sufferd so many emergencies and downturns in those last 18 months and each time I thought, "How much more can she have to suffer?" And how often I prayed for 'this one to be the last one'' so she couldn't suffer more. :(
  5. lemonjuice

    Stage 3 bedsores

    Glad you've managed to post this and now got some good advice. If it's any consolation my m-i-l had bedsores for about 8 years. They were 'cyclical' and went through waves of improving and then deteriorating. We had barrier creams and fortunately never got to stage 3 sores, which my mother...
  6. lemonjuice

    CHC (Continuing Healthcare) support thread

    Seems good advice to me, especially as you have the letter stating they will pay all costs. I appreciate the 'trade-off' is that they may well place your father in another Home of their choice, though as nitram suggests finding one with a place available may be easier said than done.
  7. lemonjuice

    CHC (Continuing Healthcare) support thread

    Makes you wonder if actually 'gaining' CHC Funding is worth it these days, if that is the case. £450 is a lot of 'extras'. o_O
  8. lemonjuice

    decline in speech will it go completely!

    I think, like with everything else with dementia, much depends on an individual and if vascular related, which area of the brain is affected. I would presume generally reading and writing would go before speech, but again I'm sure there are exceptons to the rule.
  9. lemonjuice


    Jezzer, I've had things gone missing and searched several times in the same place and then gone back and found it. So no need to send for 'the men in white coats'. And yes take reassurance from the fact that someone is looking after you. :)
  10. lemonjuice

    Quick question about hot weather

    Yes I've just replied to someone else about the importance of trying to keep cool and hydrated, especially in weather like this. Little pieces of fruit chopped and picked up with fingers or cocktail sticks can help as can an ice lolly.
  11. lemonjuice


    Fully understand no amount of words can 'help' with those feelings. The longer it goes on the more one seems to have exacerbated emotional highs and lows than ever before. So just sending a HUGE HUG. (((((((Jezzer)))))))
  12. lemonjuice

    Are you told End of life stage?

    I agree that 'endstage' is so difficult to define. Even Alz literature when mentioning stage 7/ Severe as being when one's journey is coming to an end splits that last stage into 7 substages all lasting between 1-1 1/2 years.:eek: One of my aunt's was end stage completely immobile unable to...
  13. lemonjuice

    CHC (Continuing Healthcare) support thread

    Certainly not. especially as you say This is the only reason I've heard of here anybody ahs been successful. My mother always scored Severe for Cognition & Communication and yet was always refused at panel.
  14. lemonjuice

    Unable to use television remote

    I was going to suggest this. My mother lost the ability to use anything with a button/switch fairly early on and so I just set things off and put the remotes away. later on though with her inability to differentiate reality and 'tv' and she had hallucinations & nightmares, I decided tos witch...
  15. lemonjuice

    NHS CHC Funding Assessment today

    I hope that the panel will agree but my mother was referred 6 times to panel and each time they refused. As others say though, so much depends on your area and I know we have a much higher proportion of 80+ in our area suffering with dementia and other health needs and the PCT is really...
  16. lemonjuice

    Why are we struggling with visiting now?

    I agree, it may well be feelings which you haven't allowed to surface before, because you were pre-occupied with other issues, may finally ne 'poking their heads above the parapet. My mother was just shy of 6 years in her NH and actually the longer she stayed almost the worse the guilt became...
  17. lemonjuice

    Needs nursing care - is it worth applying for CHC?

    Well although he probably won't qualify for CHC as you say and to qualify you do need to have a primary medical need. My mother was far worse than that in those last 3 years and each year although she scored highly on the assessment and was referred to panel, each time she was refused. If he...
  18. lemonjuice

    Nursing home - Lost stuff

    Don't beat yourself up about it. It's all too easy at the start not to realise how much stuff gets lost. My mother's NH lost two rings. Irreplaceable. But I learnt my lesson and just replaced them with costume jewellery. Keep reminding the Home d make sure you write a letter requesting them...
  19. lemonjuice

    Alzheimhers and a heatwave!

    With my m-i-l, who although she didn't suffer from Dementia was barely more than skin and bones always felt the cold and used to wear 5 layers even in the height of summer and unless it was 30 degrees inside, always grumbled she was 'freezing!
  20. lemonjuice

    Alzheimhers and a heatwave!

    That's positive. My mother had always been a very smart lady and rarely wore trousers, but as her illness worsened we ended up buying elasticated skirts and later elasticated leisure trousers for her. Which her 'earlier self' would have been horrified by.:eek: Even worse because of being unable...