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  1. HarrietD

    Your tips: what would you say to someone worried about the long-term impact of the pandemic?

    Thank you @avut for sharing how you've been coping :) It sounds like focusing on one day at a time has been helpful for you.
  2. HarrietD

    How has living in lockdown impacted you?

    As the UK faces the fourth month of the coronavirus pandemic, we want to hear from people with dementia and their carers about the challenges they face. Our Campaigns team have created a short survey to help understand how lockdown has impacted people affected by dementia. The more they hear...
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    Your tips: what would you say to someone worried about the long-term impact of the pandemic?

    Our magazine includes real life experiences with every issue, and they'd like to hear from you. This time, they're asking what advice would you give someone who's worried about the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people with dementia and their carers? What advice would you give...
  4. HarrietD

    Carers' Week 2020 - celebrating you!

    This week is Carers' Week! Throughout this week, Alzheimer's Society has been celebrating all the incredible people who care for someone with dementia. We know many of you on the community are caring for someone, and that you often don't get the recognition you deserve. We also know that life...
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    Please read: Coronavirus COVID-19 and advice for people affected by dementia

    Hi everyone, Are you wondering how you can support people with dementia in your community? The blog post below has some helpful tips. If you're volunteering in your local coronavirus response or supporting a neighbour or friend, or would just like some ideas of how to help within your...
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    Volunteers' Week 2020: please join us in thanking our volunteers!

    Hi everyone, and welcome to Volunteers' Week! Volunteers' Week is a time to celebrate and say thank you to volunteers for their contributions. We're taking this opportunity to say thank you and celebrate our wonderful team of Dementia Talking Point volunteers. We couldn't run the service...
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    Dementia Together magazine - June/July 2020

    Dementia Together magazine features the latest news, features, tips and advice for carers and people with dementia, book reviews, updates on dementia research and articles highlighting good practice in dementia care, plus readers' letters. Here are a few of the articles from this month...
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    Has our Support Line helped you?

    We want more people to know that our Dementia Connect Support Line is here for them when they need it. If you’ve called our Support Line on 0333 150 3456, or the Welsh-speaking line on 03300 947 400, and are happy to let us know more for an article in our magazine, please reply to this thread...