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  1. Spamar

    Stressed about sorting mothers house.

    Hi, @MaNaAk And @canary yes, I have done several like that, found then very interesting, guess what’s on the other side of the road, etc. ive loved jigsaws all my life, my mother always had one gong in the winter, guess I got it from her! When OH went to a coffee morning for careers and those...
  2. Spamar

    Nothing in particular but everything in general

    I guess many of us could have written that, I know I could. Thanks @AbbyGee
  3. Spamar

    An awkward/disgusting question (about a toilet issue)

    If you are feeling rich you can change the loo to one which will wash and dry the area. But I’m guessing he wouldn’t be able to cope on this own with that, you would have to be standing guard!
  4. Spamar

    Stressed about sorting mothers house.

    My stepson gave me one at Christmas one year. I did it, but said ‘never again’!
  5. Spamar

    Stressed about sorting mothers house.

    @canary, Just to butt in on jigsaws. I love them. Have done some wasgijs, borrowed from a group that I used to belong to. I have a number of Wentworth ones, bought when I got an extremely good discount! I’ve gone up to 1500 pieces which just fitted on my board. My cousin did one of 3000 last...
  6. Spamar

    Mum just wants to go home

    Yes, that’s fine @Zcat . Home is rarely where they live, it’s an often mythical place where they felt well, not worried, no problems and everything was done.This development is very common and eventually it will go.
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    Surely two motorways won’t be blocked? Maybe drive thru, perhaps. Plus for some of the villages just outside the restricted area, the local supermarket was in the now restricted area.
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    I’ve got friends there as well, inside the line, and relations just outside the line. Worrying.
  9. Spamar

    Attendance Allowance

    AgeUK helped me on all forms, including AA. Not sure if they still do, but worth asking. Sometimes it’s just a case of knowing the right words!
  10. Spamar

    Stressed about sorting mothers house.

    Unless there is any expensive ornaments, of course. They will have to be sold on the right market if none of the family want them.
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    Mine was very short and pepper and salt, now its below my ears with grey bits curling round!
  12. Spamar

    That will teach me

    I’m with your friend, @canary, I used to get in the car and drive and scream as loud as I could! That was years before looking after a PWD. Had grown up by then, never got so annoyed.
  13. Spamar

    Day Centre Showers / Baths

    Round here in normal times there is a place that will shower or bathe the disabled, including people with dementia. Not sure how you get to know about such places, maybe local AS or AgeUK.
  14. Spamar

    what do i do when im in pain and have to look after my husband

    When I had sciatica, OH was in early stages. I think the doc gave me some strong painkillers and I took to my bed for a couple of days. that meant OH had to provide me with such food as I wanted. He managed cereal on one occasion, and toast at other times! To be fair, that was all I could eat...
  15. Spamar

    That was careless

    I also met up with friends whom I haven’t seen since before Christmas, for various reasons. We spent all afternoon sitting around, just moving chairs to keep in the shade! But my face is a little warm, tomorrow should be interesting!
  16. Spamar

    What would you do??

    I agree with Bunpoots. I feel a home is needed now. I once spent a long time on the floor - fell and couldn’t get up - and I coped with it, but I’m younger and fully aware. There will be full time care in a home as well. You don’t have to get him to agree, just make the arrangements and take...
  17. Spamar

    Sandwich generation

    That’s a fabulous cake, JM, well done you! My school summer holidays were spent working in a beach shop. A bonus was that we could use all equipment out of hours. Ice cream, anyone?
  18. Spamar

    Not yet diagnosed, confused, angry and fed up

    You’re allowed to rant, @fromnz123, it’s what we are here for. I don’t think there is a single person here who hasn’t had a rant! Im one of the lucky ones, OH knew what was wrong with him before I did, and he acted accordingly by finishing some projects and abandoning others. When I realised...
  19. Spamar

    Feeling sadness at telling 'white lies' all the time

    A step change Is associated with Vascular Dementia, each step coming from a stroke, which could be large or so small you would hardly notice it. It is the second most common form of dementia, Alzheimer’s being the most common. Many people get both ( my late husband did). So this could be step...
  20. Spamar

    COVID-19: Is it safe to go to the hospital?

    Our GP has a drive through system for blood tests which works well. I had to go to hospital for a scan last week. I was given a mask on entering, and everything was normal thereafter. Plus I’m still OK, no Covid!