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  1. Bunpoots

    Fall out of Care Home Window

    Hi @Anmarg I’m glad your dad has finally found a place where he can be safe and looked after properly and I hope your visit goes well if you decide to go. I don’t have any experience of secure units but other members have spoken of them and they don’t sound too scary. Hopefully your dad’s...
  2. Bunpoots

    Middle of the night stroll

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point Barbara. you’ve certainly had it tough over the last 6 months! I found lack of sleep on the odd night hard to deal with so I don’t know how you managed. Ow that your husband is in hospital it might give you an opportunity to sort out some proper support for...
  3. Bunpoots

    Took dad to hospital. Taxi unhelpful!

    If it’s your regular taxi company and they are usually good why not ring them and tell them how good you think your regular driver is and how bad the other one you don’t get him again!
  4. Bunpoots

    How to broach the subject of selling house.

    I didn't talk about it with my dad either. I felt terrible clearing out his bungalow and re-homing his fish but he wouldn't have understood. I don't think he recognised his bungalow as home either so it hurt me more than him.
  5. Bunpoots

    Dad struggling to remember bank pin

    Good! One less thing to worry about. My dad used to take cash with him when he could no longer remember his pin and went to the bank in the old fashioned way - obviously not ideal with covid about. To be honest it was only a few months between him forgetting his pin to being unable to find...
  6. Bunpoots

    Dad struggling to remember bank pin

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @Romf I went through this with all my PWD. My aunt used to keep her numbers in her purse and eventually asked me to remember them for her (yes I know she shouldn’t have told anyone her number but it seemed safer than having them written down!) but she used to...
  7. Bunpoots

    Newbie here! Where to start

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @Eaexh01 @Banjomansmate is right it is up to your mum to appoint someone to be her attorney while she still understands that it is so you can help her with her finances. You can print the forms off online and fill them in. You just need someone who has...
  8. Bunpoots

    Does anyone recommend light sensors for the home?

    I got my dad stick on battery operated sensor lights for his front porch as it didn’t have a light. They came on automatically when the door was opened or someone walked under them. No switches or apps involved. I think I got them from Aldi. They were similar to these...
  9. Bunpoots

    Thinking he lives elsewhere

    Hi @Jacques . Some people have found that agreeing to go but in the morning as it’s too late now helps to calm the situation. I hope giving your husband the medication earlier works for you.
  10. Bunpoots

    New to forum - need advice on Mum not recognising Dad

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @Milliemiss Hopefully your mum will continue to improve. Not recognising family and friends is a common thing. Some people get around this by announcing themselves before they enter the room so your dad could say something like “Hello (mum’s name) it’s me...
  11. Bunpoots

    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    @annielou I do agree with @canary that you moving in with your mum wouldn’t work for the reasons she’s given. I’ve been where you are now and I know how hard it is to come to terms that one’s parent is no longer safe and happy at home. I waited too long and it was only after dad became...
  12. Bunpoots

    Who am I ? I won't know myself soon!!!

    Do you think your mum is coping @annielou ? She might be happier in a home with people around her all the time to reassure her. I know my dad was in the end. I'd convinced myself I could cope but didn't really truly think about how things were from my dad's point of view. Maybe try for...
  13. Bunpoots

    Stressed about sorting mothers house.

    My dad used to do 3 dimensional jigsaws and I used to have to help him as he got worse. It's a different skill set to 2D ones but still fun.
  14. Bunpoots

    Back again...... sorry.

    Hi @Joey16 I know how stressful dementia is, especially when there's other family stresses involved. I found counseling very helpful to get things into perspective so I hope your GP can offer you something useful. As the others say - your mum is safe so you don't need to visit at the moment...
  15. Bunpoots

    Losing things in Care Homes

    Hi @Bezzy1946 I was amazed that my dad was always wearing his own clothes but I did once go to see someone else wearing his slippers! From what I read on here it’s a common thing! It used to upset me when my mum was wearing something in a size 20 when she was only an 8 (how can they get it...
  16. Bunpoots

    Father in Spain needs help ASAP please help

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @4ndyp If your father has had two strokes in the past few days his behaviour may well improve. It must be so difficult for your mum and I hope she manages to get some help today. In the meantime it can help if one deals with the situation as the PWD sees it...
  17. Bunpoots

    What's best for Mum

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @MrsSully I agree with @lemonbalm that the best solution would be to find a carehome that can manage both your mum’s and dad’s needs. I think most PWD hate the idea of a carehome and I resisted the idea of my dad going into one but once he did I realised he...
  18. Bunpoots

    Care home fees. Pay in advance or not?

    We’ve never been asked to pay in advance I don’t know if this is common.
  19. Bunpoots

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point! Find out more and say hello.

    Welcome to Dementia Talking Point @Birdie45 The staff are correct in saying your dad’s behaviour is common for someone with dementia, as are delusions, but I can imagine how distressing it is for you and your sister as well as your dad. As “his moods vary” have you asked the staff how much of...
  20. Bunpoots

    Refusing to wash or change clothing

    Hi @Ubique welcome from me too. I found the only way to get my dad to shower was to turn on the shower and pretend he’d forgotten hw was going to use it. Obviously this meant a lot of wasted hot water and an hour or more of my time when I should‘ve be been working...and dad had started to...