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  1. tryingmybest

    Constant Crying

    My Mum has been the same for 3 years. Taking her out everyday for drive in the car for lunch, a garden centre, concert or somewhere was the only time she would stop, and now we can't do that due to the current crisis. I am now wheeling her in her wheelchair up the road to the river and back so...
  2. tryingmybest

    Should we attend hospital?

    I can't let him go on his own. He's so worried. No I'm sure Mum will be fine. I always have to take her when I have appointments. I think we will just take a chance and go although I realise that he may not know anything tomorrow. Its all just a bit if a worry isnt it with the virus?
  3. tryingmybest

    Should we attend hospital?

    No there is only me. Mums come to the hospital many times with me for my appointments and been fine. I was just worried about taking her with the current climate.
  4. tryingmybest

    Should we attend hospital?

    Thank you for your reply but definitely not. She is totally dependent on me for everything. She cannot do a thing for herself. She's been with me 24/7 for over 5 years now bless her. The car journey takes over an hour each way plus, the time we spend in the hospital, so it's likely to be half a...
  5. tryingmybest

    Should we attend hospital?

    I care for my Mum at home with me, aged 90 with advanced vascular dementia. As if things aren't bad enough, my boyfriend has possibly got mouth cancer, having been back and forth to the dentist for over a year for extreme mouth pain and abcesses and has been put on ABs about 6 times. He...
  6. tryingmybest

    He has no empathy or consideration for me.

    Perhaps you can go on a day centre day, cancel the minibus and say the minibus has broken down so you need to take him there in the car? We all hate lying but sometimes needs must. I hope you are able to go and see your sister and get away. Good luck.
  7. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    @Spashing About I'm so sorry. It truly is heartbreaking and a total emotional rollercoaster. Hugs. X
  8. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    Mum has Vascular Demrntia and Memantine can only be prescribed for Alzheimers or Alzheimers with mixed dementia. I wouldnt be wanting to put Mum on antiphyschotic drugs. We are not under the memory clinic as she was never formerly diagnosed via that route. A psychiatrist from the Court of...
  9. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    My Mum just cries and refuses whatever I give her. As you say, just like a little child. She was put on Mirtazapine back in February and initially it calmed her and improved her appetite but no longer sadly, despite increasing tbe dose.
  10. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    It truly is. Thinking of you and your Mum. It's so hard to watch isn't it? X
  11. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    She's been doing this on and off for 3 years and had all sort of pain meds to no avail. I really don't know if she's in pain or not but she can't tell me as doesn't speak. I read somewhere they find it comforting to keep making repetitive noises. This is the first doctors appointment I could get...
  12. tryingmybest

    Eating...not eating...drinking..not drinking

    I know just how you feel. My Mum is at home with me, and I am her sole carer. She still has a little mobility but I do everything for her as she can't do anything at all for herself and is also pretty much non verbal. She seems to have spells of not eating or drinking then picks up a little but...
  13. tryingmybest

    Memantine ..... how long until I see any effect?

    Mementine only helps those with Alzheimers or Alzheimers/mixed dementia. It should not be prescribed for Vascular Dementia as there is nothing to help with that and research has shown it to be ineffectual. Unfortunately, some professionals seem to be prescribing it for Vascular Dementia which is...
  14. tryingmybest

    Should you always treat symptoms of UTI with antibiotics?

    My Mum who lives with me gets regular UTIs and is doublely incontinent so it's impossible to take a sample. However, I know the signs and so have in the past, phoned and spoken with a doctor who has prescribed a general A/B. Recently they have started to only give her 3 days worth due to cut...
  15. tryingmybest

    Mental capacity and care choices - battle with social worker!

    @Sirena I would personally consult a professional specialist to do one as GPs and SW are not really sufficiently qualified to do them and an independent one removes all doubt and the report holds up in the CoP. A consultant psychiatrist or psychologist can be arranged to visit the person in...
  16. tryingmybest

    Mental capacity and care choices - battle with social worker!

    Oh @Champers, I'm so sorry to read of your plight. I haven't read your whole thread so aplogies if I've missed anything but I would be inclined to get an urgent private mental capacity test done for your MIL. I am seeing more and more cases of SS acting quite bizarrely and not in the best...
  17. tryingmybest

    UTI-How to help stop recurring?

    My Mum who lives with me, gets them every 3-4 weeks no matter how clean I keep her or how much I give her to drink. I had heard of people being on a low dose of A/Bs but the doctors refuse to do this. They are now only prescribing a 3 day course each time, which quite frankly is hopeless, as...
  18. tryingmybest


    What type of dementia has been diagnosed? Memantine should only be prescribed for Alzheimers or Alzheimers/mixed dementia not for Vascular Dementia if its that.
  19. tryingmybest

    Is it worth getting an official diagnosis in this situation?

    Life is hard enough without fighting for everything. If you have something in writing as in a statenent, just copy it and send/take it to your council. It should be adequate without the doctor signing a form. That's what I did for Mum. Your Mum is entitled to a full disregard as opposed to a...
  20. tryingmybest

    No Idea How to Manage Today

    I gave up my job and moved my Mum in with me and am now in my fifth year of caring. Yes it's tough, very tough but after her being financially and emotionally abused by my sibling, I couldn't leave her where she was, so went through 3 very contentious and difficult Court of Protection hearings...