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    Heaven just got better...

    My mum passed away in her sleep a month ago. My sister in Australia & myself in Italy weren't there. Elaine at the nursing home phoned me and I just knew straightaway what she was going to say.. I shouted I don't want to know!!! Elaine said she would have warned us so we could have been there...
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    sitting in a wheelchair all day-good or bad?

    My Mum now has no mobility & has just moved into a nursing home before Christmas. She now sits in a wheelchair all day. Is this a bad practice? Should she be moved into a chair? Any help gratefully accepted. Regards Sabato
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    Parkinsonism-my Mum got it

    My Mum just been diagnosed with Parkinsonism. The nursing home called the dr as her hands had stiffened up, he is returning tomorrow & is describing some drugs to relieve it. Has anyone got any information on this ?
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    Have I done the right thing?

    I think you are doing the best thing for your Mum. I live abroad and it's only difficult NOT knowing that your Mum is safe. I rushed over when Mum went out 'walking' at night in her underwear & I vowed she would never be alone again. The care home is fantantic she settled in straightaway...
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    Long Distance Visiting

    hi Ray, Yes, it's so hard not to feel guilty and feel you're not doing enough. I'm in italy & my sister is in Sydney. We visit separately to make the most of our visits. I cherish the time I have with my Mum and I'm very lucky to have the wonderful support from my husband (the times...
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    Power of attorney - specific question

    Reply from The Banking Code re EPA problems I wrote to the Banking Code after reading your comments. Here is their reply. The bottom line seems to be 'vote with your feet' but at least they may look into our problem and they did take the time to read through our comments. Sabato Thank...
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    Power of attorney - specific question

    Halifax on line Hi Jennifer, I go online to use my UK halifax account when I'm in Italy (using a UK email address) but that's another story, so will have to wait until I get access from them to see if it works ok. Thanks for the info. Nice to know you're abroad aswell as this brings...
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    Power of attorney - specific question

    Halifax-bad Yorkshire Bank-good Phew! What a nightmare dealing with banks. It was bad enough having to cope with coming to terms with Mum's dementia and then the banks get all funny and make you feel you are in the wrong. Halifax Share Dealing wouldn't let me act as POA as I live overseas so...
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    Birthday/Christmas Presents

    Clocks with dates hi, try Boots or Argos. Also the maker, Oregon does some good ones. Quite big aswell. Happy hunting! Sabato
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    From a care home to a nursing home..

    Hi there, In less than a year at a lovely care home, she now is double incontinent and has lost the ability to walk or be able to act on commands to move her feet etc . The doctor visited the home after she had a few TIA. Just waiting for a CPN nurse to assess Mum & then it goes to panel to...
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    Any tips on telephone contact as abroad?

    thanks jenny Thanks for the reply. I thought this would be the case. You hope against hope. Yes, I'll ask the carer to be there as it's nice to hear her voice. Thankd again, Sabato.
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    Any tips on telephone contact as abroad?

    Hi, Both my sister & me live abroad so until we visit Maìum in the UK we rely on having tel. conversations with her. Sometimes it is very difficult as if the TV is on in her room she gets disattracted and is unable to turn the TV off (suddenly the phone goes down!) We tell her about our day &...
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    Jittery about registering EPA

    Hi I have registered the EPA with the Court of Protection. Mainly to ensure that the EPA was valid as I did it myself without paying a sol. to fill it in. But my advice is - don't bother. You can use your EPA without it being registered. The Court of Protection is only a 'means of making...
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    Hello to you all

    Hello, My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at Christmas. It was a 'label' that we knew was coming. She lives in the NE of England & I live in Sardinia & my sister lives in australia. As sisters we are very close & share our feelings by e-mail & now talk via SKPE for free. I'm sending for...