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    Am I asking too much of care home staff?

    Many thanks to all who replied - I found your responses encouraging and helpful. I did suggest, a few months ago, that a small laundry bin be placed in K's room (when she was at home she placed her used/soiled underwear straight into the washing machine, so I thought the bin might help) however...
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    Am I asking too much of care home staff?

    My sister has been resident in a dementia nursing home since September 2018 and has settled well in most respects. One area continues to cause me concern and I appear to be at a loss as to how to resolve the problem. K hides her used underwear in a drawer - she seems to be embarrassed to allow...
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    Annual Increase in fees at Care Home

    Thanks @Moggymad I think I will ask directly at the care home.
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    Annual Increase in fees at Care Home

    I read this thread with interest and a bit of concern. My sister went into residential/nursing care in late September 2018 - her care is LA funded and she has to pay an amount which was decided on by means of a financial assessment. Two questions: 1. If (or perhaps I should say when) the...
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    'Artificial' Money

    Many thanks to all who replied. I will investigate your suggestions and see what I can use. Thanks again for your help
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    'Artificial' Money

    My sister was admitted to a care home (nursing and dementia) just over 2 months ago. She has settled remarkably well and relates well to both staff and other residents. She likes to have money in her purse, but any money I have given her since her admission has disappeared. I understand she may...
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    Patches for pain relief

    Thanks for the speedy reply nae sporran, that is very helpful. I am seeing K's GP next week and will ask his advice re the use of patches such as the ones you mention. I am not sure if he would consider K in need of morphine at the moment and wonder if pain patches containing other painkillers...
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    Patches for pain relief

    My sister, still living independently with Alzheimers -carers 4 times daily and 3 days a week at day care (as well as my own contribution to her care - I live about 30 miles from her) Recently there have been changes in the carers attending my sister and I have found that some of them are...
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    Oh mother...

    Love it Andrew - more please when you get the time x
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    Helping my Mum help my Dad

    Welcome to Talking Point Jan - I'm sure you will find lots of help here - I certainly have. Take your time and post questions or comments whenever you feel ready. Have a look around too - I spent quite a bit of time just reading other people's posts and learned lots from them.
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    Online course

    Very interested in this - I will take a look - thanks :)
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    A nice story!

    What a lovely story - well done mcfad's mum!!!
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    Loving Lucy

    Welcome to talking point Wild Atlantic - what a lovely and loving daughter you are - the love you have for your mother shines through your post. I do hope that having the help of the lunchtime carer works to your advantage - you might consider keeping this carer even when you retire to give you...
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    Dreading tom any advice.

    Good luck for tomorrow -we'll be thinking of you xx
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    Sometimes you just have to chuckle

    My sister, 81 years old and with alzheimers, is still living independently with 4 Carer visits per day, 3 days at a lovely day centre per week and as much help as my partner and I can give (we live 30 miles away). Today when we visited I washed windows, did her laundry, went shopping, made a...
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    Utility Bills

    Don't know if this would be helpful but I have a friend whose usage of gas and electricity is very low - we found a company Ebico who seem ideally suited to someone in that situation as there is no standing charge for either utility. Might be worth having a look at this supplier.
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    Health and Social Care in Scotland

    I care for my sister who has Alzheimers - both living in Scotland about 30 miles from each other. My sister lives alone and has 4 home care visits each day - most of the time this works reasonably well. She also goes to Day Care three days per week which is a real help - she...
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    I was surprised to get this bill

    well done for fighting the size of the bill
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    Hiding food

    Many thanks to all of you for your replies - its encouraging to know that this is fairly common behaviour and may simply be K putting things away safely (as she sees it) I buy ready meals and store them in the freezer - K's teatime carer makes a meal for her when she will allow it. On 4 or 5...
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    Hiding food

    Hello all - I don't post often but regularly read others posts and have found this very helpful in the past few years since my sister (now aged 81) was diagnosed with alzheimers. K still lives independently, with 4 home care visits per day and 3 days at a local day centre. Over recent...