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    Can lightening strike twice?

    Remembering Hi Alex I am thinking about you and your Mum. You know where I am. Love Gwenno
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    any solutions to excess saliva??!

    excess saliva My husband suffered with this problem, and he was given tablets to rectify the problem. I do not know what they are called but they did help, and he does not "dribble" any longer. Perhaps you could ask your Doctor about this. I hope this helps Gwenno
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    Zoot Suits

    Well done Tina your are an inspiration. I hope that some of these ideas can be taken to other hospitals and Care/Nursing Homes. It does seem that having and Official position changes situations. Well whatever it takes to do that it's a great advancement and of benefit to patients and...
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    genetics we are worried!

    Thanks for that information. I will be watching the programme. I too have had to face the possibility that my children may have inherited a gene which carries the terryfying Motor Neurone gene, which has manifested itself in the form of Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia in my husband. His...
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    How did you get your relative into a home??

    Just to add that I did the same as Cynthia. The Care Home where my husband went is very modern, and it would be easy to mistake it for a 4* hotel. I never had any difficulty with his acceptance of going into Respite. He enjoyed being there for whatever reason that might have been. In fact...
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    Norman and Peg

    My deepest condolences Norman. Peg is now at peace, and as all of us know you have been a wonderful caring husband to Peg, and that has been an inspiration to so many of us on TP. God bless. Gwenno
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    Counting: those with young onset represented here

    Question seems fine. Have no problems with it. I shall tick early onset as my husband began with FrontoTemporal Lobe Dementia before he was 65. Gwenno
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    meeting without me

    Hello Chip I had a similar situation about a month ago. I received a phone call from the Assistant Manager of the Care Home at 7.40 on a Monday morning informing me that the Consultant who we had been waiting to see for 12 months was coming to Assess my husband at 9.30 that morning. They...
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    Paying for Care Home Costs

    I have found the help and Advice from an Advocate very helpful. You could try Care Aware Helpline 08705 134925 For free Advice and Guidance on all Aspects of Funding Care for Older People They deal with Care fee funding Benefit Entitilement * State Support * Estate Protection *...
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    Day Centres

    Mu husband loved the Day Centre that he went to. He would stand for hours peering through the leaded light windows on the front door, or standing by the window waiting for the bus to come and fetch him. He liked it because he said he thought he was the youngest there. Very sad for us as he was...
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    Respite/EMI homes

    Tina The Home should have a report available for you to look at. They are obliged to do that. They have one placed in the Reception area in the Home where my husband is a resident. All the best Gwenno
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    To Bez........Welcome to TP!

    I would just like to say welcome to TP Bez. I hope that you find it as helful as it has been for me and my family. All the best. Gwenno
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    I have been searching to see if there is anyone else who is a Carer for someone who has Fronto Lobe Dementia. I would very much like to be in contact with any others who are in the same position as myself. I am caring for my husband who has this form of Dementia. Gwenno