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    Coping with Christmas

    christmas Our last christmas was terrible,I wanted everything to be like it used to be,put the tree up and all the decorations etc.My husband was in hospital and come out on the 23rd of december then on the 30 of dec he had to return due to lack of care which we were grtting from an agency into...
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    Parkinsons Lewy Body Dementia

    Hi susan,still not sure how this works,i am trying my best to hold things together. I need to talk with somebody thats going through what I am. I always said that I would prefer 10 good years with one person happy married then 25 years with somebody that maybe hit more or never had any love.I...
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    My husband has Parkinson's and LEWY Body Dementia,he just turned 81 this year and I am 44.I am finding things very hard to deal with I am stuck in grief,I keep getting sick myself.Its very hard to watch my husband deteriorate in front of my eyes each day. He is my soul mateI am having thoughts...
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    Is there nobody out there or am i doing something wrong
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    My husband had Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia,he just turned 81 years of age this year.I am 44 and have been looking after him for 8 years now and i am finding he Dementia very hard to deal with,my husband is deteriorating in front of my eyes,we are soul mates,and i am finding it very hard...