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    Worried about John

    hazel have not sent any post for a while i hope jhon will get the treatment as soon as posible am sure you can get emergancy care at weekends ,home where i work we can get treatment,my sister had vascular dementia so i know how dificult it is my heart gos out to you take care dolly gee
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    at 62 my dad is like a toddler

    hi lucy i am sorry to read about your dad you should get your gp to do test ie blood test it your dad has problems and i feel for you and your mum i hope very much you can get help i had to get my mum help she wasnt very happy but there are times you have to take charge goodluck dolly gee
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    Hi, I'm new here & need help

    bella Bella i am sorry to hear about your mum ,you never said how old she is,you realy should have a word with her docter and get some blood test .my mum had demtia and the gp was realy very kind and understanding.i wish you well hope you get all the suport you need grany gee
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    memory problems

    menory problems edward i have been haveing memory loss for some time now you dont say how old you are i am 69 and its been at least 5 years but get a check up and see what happens i am sure its not as bad as you think dolly gee
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    New member looking for help please.

    Otter i am sorry for your dilemma it certainly isnt easy we consulted a solicitor and he aranged for my eldest sister to take care of all financial things[ power of atorney] you should take advice,otter your gueries are certaninly not insignificant all aspects of dementia are important i hope...
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    Diagnosed with AD then what??

    Hi Diane my thourts go out to you i had my mum and should ask for more information about mum you need to know there are diferant dementias my sister had loui bodies can do what has been sugested write things down it will help good luck dolly gee
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    Diagnosed with AD then what??

    Hi Diane my thourts go out to you i had my mum and should ask for more information about mum you need to know there are diferant dementias my sister had loui bodies can do what has been sugested writ things down it will help good luck dolly gee
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    New Member

    Dear gussie it must be so hard for you and your family reading between the lines dad has not been diagnosed does he have a drink problem i ask because my own dad was the same,my heart goes out to your mum i have been there and no what it is like,has your mum not been for help if not she should...
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    At the care home

    well bruce what can i say i work for Bupa homes for dementia residents cannot compare to to the home you have mentioned wonderful, hope you dont mind i have printed your message for my colleages [any vacencies?].glad that Jan is treated well goodluck Dolly gee
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    very annoyed

    laura why on earth did you not take this further i cant believe profesional people would talk like that i work with dementia patients and they are treated with the greatest repesct they are well cared for.dolly gee
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    Your posts

    Hi margret i have read your post with interest i fou nd the sight at the time i had lost my sister and mum and have concerns myself.but it is great that you find that you can contribute ,we are all helping each other in diferant ways so welcome look forward to your mail [have you read poems...
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    New diagnosis two weeks on - what's this about?

    dear sammy i agree with connie you are coping very well and you will find that inner strengh, also you are right about one of our regular contributers granny g she always comse up with some pearls of wisdom and very wise words of encouragement best of luck take care dolly gee
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    2 in front and now this!

    agree with jenifer would be roud ther like a shot at dads side if he has a chest infection not to be taken lightly ie age and problems ?what kind of hospital is it dolly gee
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    New Member - Advice Please!

    fiona i have read your message and my heart goes out to you i seally know what it is like but i am soure you will get the help you need ,iam realy sorry for your mum and family there will be choices you will have to make witch you will find very hard but i am sure will be the right ones god...
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    I can't do this............

    hazel it souds like you have come to the end of the road you dont say who has the mental problems but it looks like you have to do the right thing for you ie care home i know only to well so be strong you take care now dolly gee
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    angelmouse sorry to hear of your plight we were in the same situation with my sister and it was very distressing.agree with other mail just listen and dont comment Lb dementia is differant to alziemers just acept always lokk at Lb as happy kind of dementiar good luck dolly gee
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    How do i come to terms with this?

    hi amanda welcome sorry to hear about mum i know how it feels but you have to stay strong and i hope you will will keep in touch as we are hear to help and share our thourghts feelings take care dolly gee
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    What is the best thing to do?

    just read your mail you really are have a bad time i know what you are going through think it is time to think of yourself and do the what is right for you and your uncle he needs to go in to care for your sake and for his own goodluck dolly gee
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    God I'm going to scream!!!

    suem i realy feel for you it must be very hard but cant you become your husbands extecure you can then take charge of his welfare i am not sure what epa is but i hope everything goes well for you take care dolly gee
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    I feel like ive lost my mum....

    babyface i agree with Helen your mum needs you more than you know i went through the same with my mum but we could see a Little bit of life in her eyes god bless keep in touch dolly gee