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    its over

    Chip I am very sorry to hear of your loss. You can be proud of your care of Robert. Alzheimer's is a cruel disease but the early onset variety is the worst of all. You fought it to the end. Look after yourself Russell
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    The Death of my Mother

    Dear Alirob My condolences to you. I am pleased that in the end your mother had a peaceful death. We were similarly fortunate in that, having gone through the awful disease, the end was just a pause in breathing. Best wishes to you and your family Russell
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    Norman and Peg

    Norman I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Peg. Your posts have been truly inspirational. I will pray for you. Russell
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    How do I react to a friend

    Ronpaul Thanks for your post. The advice you have received is excellent. My Dad's friends at the bowls club rallied round. We also did all we could to take him out as much as possible. I am not sure that the progress of the disease was altered but through his friends and a Day Centre...
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    mum is very ill

    Linda My sympathies to you on the loss of your Mum. Grieve as you need to and look after yourself. God bless Russell
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    Farewell to my Father

    Jude I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father. Please take care. Russell
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    mum is very ill

    Linda This was a decision we faced with my Dad. Like you, at the time we made it, we wondered if it was the right thing. On reflection I can say that we made the right decision. In my Dad's case he was seriously ill with AD and it was explained that there was a high chance of...
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    Licence revoked

    Dear Sue I am sorry that your Dad has lost his licence. My Dad cried when he lost his after forty years of being an advanced motorist. We did adapt in time to the new life even thjough we thought we couldn't possibly manage. Best wishes Russell
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    Another fall!

    Skye Sorry to hear about John's fall. Hope he is better soon so you have less worry. Best wishes Russell
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    The lad did well.

    Well done. It is good to know that people like Barry a fighting back against this awful disease. Best wishes Russell
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    Outstanding improvement in Mom

    Kayleigh I am pleased your Mum is improved from last week's situation. When my dad went to the day centre I sent the staff a story of my dad's life and interests. He was encouraged to help others and assisted the gardening gang. This helped him settle in and boosted his self esteem...
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    Quietly coping

    Thanks Lucille I am reminded that we did have fun with my Dad, despite AD. One time we had been food shopping together, getting the shopping, carrying the bags home. We began stowing the goods when I realized that the frozen stuff was missing. Calmly I asked Dad if he had seen the...
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    He's Gone

    Cynron I am so sorry that you have lost Ron, but glad that you are finding peace. Russell
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    Mum is coming home

    Dear Jane I am sorry to hear of the loss of your Mum. You have been inspirational in the care and love you showed her. I am sure she was comforted by being with those she loved at the end of her life. Take care of yourself. Russell
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    Just saw this bit of news

    I found this research interesting. Even when my Dad was in the late stages of AD I felt that there was more awareness in him than was apparent from his poor verbal skills. I always used to listen to what he said and there were occasional clues to give it sense and meaning. Earlier on in...
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    Aileen Well done on your success. Russell
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    Can everyone cross their fingers please?

    Sophie Everything crossed. Good luck Russell
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    After Life

    On the day of my Dad's funeral I was going to wear a black tie, but had a strong and overwhelming feeling I should wear a bright blue tie, normally worn by Dad. I believe this was my Dad's influence. My brother felt he was sliding into depression because of the loss of his Dad. One night he...
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    Mum is coming home

    Jane Great news of the return home of your Mum. All the best Russell
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    Good news!

    Dear Tassie Thanks for sharing the good news. I am pleased for you and your Mum. All the best Russell