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  1. Rob_E

    Lockdown appears to have accelerated the disease

    You certainly seem to have your plate full @Pickle2510, I hope things improve soon. Have certainly noticed a decline with mum as I posted in another thread. I'm not sure how much of it is lock down, this has been going on for so long now (diagnosed with Alzheimers 2014, MCI 2007, she was...
  2. Rob_E

    Has anyone seen amazing results from Donepezil?

    Thankyou @Metalpetal , hope things continue to go well for you also.
  3. Rob_E

    Has anyone seen amazing results from Donepezil?

    Mum has been taking Donepozil for 4 years now and while I wouldn't describe the effects as amazing, there has certainly been a difference. When she stopped taking them for a while (she forgot to take them for about a week), there was a marked decline. Thankfully when I started to supervise her...
  4. Rob_E

    Not Coping well

    From my own experience of anxiety and depression, it can have a nasty habit of creeping up on you in a stealth like manner. This can be especially true if you are busy dealing with a difficult situation that takes a great amount of your time and energy - you don't necessarily realise just how...
  5. Rob_E

    Hard to keep her occupied

    Mum's favourite pasttime these days is 'sorting' her clothes which generally involves taking various garments out of her wardrobe and hanging them on the wardrobe door. This is usually accompanied by a few 'This is nice, can I have it?' or 'Whose is this top? It's not mine'. All her clothes of...
  6. Rob_E

    Not Coping well

    I would just like to offer my support and sympathy. I'm at a different stage with caring for mum but it is still difficult and emotionally exhausting. I've been quite shocked sometimes at some of the thoughts I have had in relation to dementia and my relationship with mum. It does sound so much...
  7. Rob_E

    Not a good day

    Thanks so much for the replies, it really does help!
  8. Rob_E

    Not a good day

    What a day it's been. First I hear mum in the kitchen. I go into to find that she's trying to make a cup of coffee. She does this by filling the coffee caddy with lukewarm water from the kettle and has made a right mess. This is the second time this week that this has happened. I admit that I...
  9. Rob_E

    Living with Mother with Alzheimers

    It's a very stressful situation and its been very much intensified by the current lockdown situation. In addition to getting practical help for your mum, it's important to get help for your own mental well being Speaking from experience, personal well being issues can gradually creep on you in...
  10. Rob_E

    Is incontinence inevitable with dementia?

    It it's one of those things that we all dread isn't it? Not least because we know that our PWD would have been horrified if they could have seen what was coming. Mum has been having odd accidents for a couple of years now and each time I think - 'Is this it? the start of regular...
  11. Rob_E

    She can't seperate fiction from reality

    Some similarities there @CWR, a favourite for mum is asking who people on the television are. She seems to think that she knows them personally or should know them. Also, almost any city depicted on television is Manchester, where she worked and lived before getting married..
  12. Rob_E

    RIP: Jill Gascoigne

    Very sad, the Gentle touch was a great series, groundbreaking for the time. Gill played the part very well.
  13. Rob_E

    Lost toilet

    Have the same thing with mum at times, she will even be right outside the toilet and ask 'where's the toilet?' Keeping the toilet door open when its unoccupied is at least for now helping but for how long, who knows? She's lived in this house since 1978 but of course, that makes no difference...
  14. Rob_E

    I am so angry, is this normal

    Absolutely it's normal, I can very much relate to how you feel and have felt the same and still do but have learnt some strategies to help deal with it. There's some really good advice in this thread on how to deal with what is a very difficult situation. Certainly it makes things easier if you...
  15. Rob_E

    Odd habits - Displaying clothes around the house

    This is a habit mum also has. She removes her clothes from the wardrobe and hangs them on the wardrobe door on the coat hangers. It's just another one of those odd things that I just have to let her do. She doesn't dress herself these days and hasn't for several years now, the carers do that.
  16. Rob_E

    Winter weather discussion - ask questions and share advice

    @Ramblingrose Yes, mum is the same about insisting that clothing is damp when it isn't. I think its when clothing feels cold, she perceives it as it being damp.
  17. Rob_E

    So stressed and a bit tearful

    It can be so hard, disconnecting the phone and sayings it's out of order sounds like a good plan. I had something with mum a few months ago where she became obsessed with contacting an ex partner that she finished with 25 years ago and hasn't had any contact with since. She's not been able to...
  18. Rob_E

    Winter weather discussion - ask questions and share advice

    Mum has always been someone who feels the cold but since dementia took hold, it's been on another level. She always has layers of cardigans on at all but the very hottest of days. The lounge where she spends most of her waking time is too hot for most of us to spend more than half an hour...
  19. Rob_E

    Early Signs (well before symptoms)?

    There have been certain tasks that mum always seems to have struggled with, particularly technology. She trained in the late 1960s as a typist and was very good at that, had a good rate and could do short hand. However, come the mid 90s, her workplace was switching over to computers meaning...
  20. Rob_E

    Over excitement

    I don't want to appear to have been trivialising this issue as I know it is yet another of the many frustrations that come with this disease.