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    Feeling Lost

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost my lovely Mum in March too. It was the end of a very long journey for us all and I thought I was prepared for the end but I just wasn't. We lost Mum years ago - the lovely lady who gave birth to us, nurtured and cared for us, supported us throughout our...
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    Sheffield Half Marathon Sunday 12th April 2015

    This young lady is running her first half marathon to raise money for the Alzheimers Society. Sheffield is situated on seven hills and the course will be very grueling for all those taking part. She will be the one running in the Alzheimers Society vest ! Any donations, however small, will be...
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    Jeckyll & Hyde with infections .. Why ?????????????

    It's very common for infections in the elderly to cause confusion - and not just in those with AD. I guess it's to do with the toxins caused by the infection that tip older people over into confusion. If urinary tract infection are a reoccurring problem it may be possible for her GP to allow...
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    Dementia and Recently diagnosed with terminal lung cancer

    Please ask the nurses on the ward to refer her to the palliative care team. They are excellent at assessing peoples physical and emotional needs and will know just what to say and what to do. Be guided by what they advise but be honest with them about what what you want for your Mum. It will...
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    Hospital discharge nighmare

    I can sympathise with your situation entirely and can see it from both sides - both personal and professional as I am a Registered nurse. Hospital is NOT the right place for your Dad - that is clear and I'm sure the hospital are keen for him to be relocated too as hospital beds are in such...
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    I needed to write about it

    I found writing a diary of events and feelings particularly during the early days of Mums AD helped massively for me. I don't write in it much at all now that she is in the advanced stages of this very cruel disease but reading through my words from years ago will always make me cry but smile also.
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    Are seizures common in late stages bedridden patients and does mean things are coming

    My Mum suffered 2 grand mal seizures shortly after going into 24 hour care 4 years ago. She has Alzheimers disease and vascular dementia. At the time, the doctors thought the Aricept she was taking had caused the seizures and stopped it then put Mum on anti convulsants. Shortly afterwards the...
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    Mum awarded funding towards her care but will have to move

    This is our plan. The money awarded doesn't matter. All we want is for Mum to be safe and comfortable which is why she is staying where she is.
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    Mum awarded funding towards her care but will have to move

    My Mum has been in her current EMI residential home for 4 years now. When she first went there she was mobilising, feeding herself and only needed minimal supervision with her dressing and washing. She has since deteriorated to such a degree that she needs assistance with all aspects of her...
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    Can Alzheimer's get worse after a fall?

    There seems to be a general lack of knowledge about Aricept and drugs similar in the general setting since they should never be stopped suddenly - clearly this is happening all too regularly and causes no end of disruption and distress. Maybe the way forward is educate medical and nursing staff...
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    Can Alzheimer's get worse after a fall?

    You say that your Dad didn't have his medications for a week - is he taking Aricept or something similar ? My Mum had her Aricept stopped by the hospital after having several fits. They thought the medication had caused the fits as she has AD but also vascular dementia. After her return to the...
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    Mum awarded funding towards her care but will have to move

    Thank you. This is my hope for Mum now - that she is able to stay where she is with the input of district nurses and the 'end of life pathway'. I think we will still go to the meeting just to voice our opinion if nothing else - we owe it to Mum.
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    Glasses and hearing aids thrown to floor and break

    So do I - I wish I'd come along sooner ! When Mum lived at home she did some very bizarre things and I have to admit, during the early stages, to thinking she was doing them on purpose - attention seeking if you like. Of course, I know now that it's all part of the disease process but at the...
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    DNR in place - we seem to have arrived here rather quickly.

    flower1 - I couldn't have put it better. chrisdee - please accept my sympathy at this difficult time.
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    DNR in place - we seem to have arrived here rather quickly.

    We had a conversation with Mums GP some time ago about her DNAR status and it was a very distressing thing to talk about it at the time. However, we know that it is the right decision for Mum now she is in the advanced stages of AD. I am from a nursing background and know that to have a DNAR...
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    it is such a shock and so sudden

    I'm so sorry to hear the news. Have you asked for the Palliative Care team to see her whilst she is in hospital ? They can advise the medical staff and follow her through when she is moved to community care. Is she on an 'end of life pathway' ? This has been given a lot of bad press over the...
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    Lifes circle of love

    Oh Martin - how well written and so very true. Reading it made me cry but helped me to remember that others are going through the same stuff that we are. Your Mum would be very proud of you. Take care love X
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    Mobility problems

    It's very hard because I guess you are torn between maintaining his mobility and keeping him safe. The problem is, I guess, that by not allowing him to mobilise due to worries about his safety may eventually cause him to be totally immobile which brings it's own problems. Has his mobility been...
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    Glasses and hearing aids thrown to floor and break

    We had this problem with my Mum. Her glasses were often found on top of her wardrobe after getting frustrated and throwing them ! It's often wise to look in the most unlikely place first ! Regards.
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    Mum awarded funding towards her care but will have to move

    Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. We have no intention of moving Mum as she is very settled where she is but it does seem unfair that the care home where she is couldn't be rewarded with the funding she has been awarded . I understand the logic of it all but I am frustrated too ...