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    New to this.

    Very difficult, we will all have different answers. However, I had the same problem, my mum is 81 has Moderate Mixed Vascular and Alzheimers Dementia, she didn't understand what the specialist said in her front room. Then when I told her best friend what the Specialist said "she hit the roof"...
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    Do we tell our Aunt that she has the early stages of dementia ?

    I would wait and see if she asks you. I kept telling my mum, but didn't take it at all well. However, I decided to go down the route of your blood isn't pumping around your body too well. She is OK with that, doesn't think she has Dementia - such a stigma.
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    Falls or blackouts?

    Falls or blackouts Suspect my mum's heart isn't right either, but ECG showed it was OK. GP didn't think so, but mum won't go to the doctors for a 24 ECG. She is really anti doctors etc.... don't think she would have a pacemaker fitted.....
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    Falls or blackouts?

    My mum has moderate mixed Vascular and Alzheimers Dementia, she started falling in June, she did have a urinary infection, but she went in the hospital and she has Postural Hypotension i.e. her blood pressure drops and she cockles over. She is on Medodrine and hasn't fallen since. She does feel...
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    Cancer care vs dementia care

    There are good dementia care homes - especially in Doncaster..... Hi Chook My dad died of cancer last year, but he wasn't ill enough to go in a hospice and he died suddenly after two days in hospital - but he was 87. However, my mum is 81 and still lives at home, but I would like...
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    What next? Mum lives in her own home, has moderate mixed dementia - but is lonely!

    Oh and one more thing..... Do you shut the door, when the horse as bolted, or make sure something awful doesn't happen before. I would never forgive myself, is mum was robbed, attacked, or even worse raped. You here so many awful things in the news and I am worried mum could open the door to a...
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    What next? Mum lives in her own home, has moderate mixed dementia - but is lonely!

    I am a only child, cared for mum for a year and half, for 40 hours a week. She doesn't go anywhere without me, we go to the Alzheimers Cafe's 3 times a week and trips out etc.... She can't manage her drugs very well, so I give them, but otherwise she is safe to live on her own. However, from me...
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    Mum has Vascular and Alzheimers's Dementia - Moderate

    Hi, What traits am I likely to see? Does anyone else care for a person with mixed dementia? Do they tend to show symptoms of one dementia more than the other? I can't find much information for mixed dementia in books and leaflets. Thanks x
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    Am I being selfish ?

    Am I being selfish? Hi, I am 47 years old and my mother is 81 years old. My father died of cancer last year and during this time, we realized mum didn't seem right. Mainly, forgetting names and logical thinking became unloving towards my dad, which wasn't like mum. They had been married 57...
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    Asian Families and Dementia

    :)Hi, Unfortunately, I think your religion, creed etc.... doesn't make any difference. For years people are so unaccepting of Mental Illnesses and treat people as second class citizens. Mum was a devoted church going person, was church of England, but high church, our priest doesn't belief in...
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    Oh brother

    :)My dad had selective hearing when it came to my mum talking constantly and that was normal. Now dad has died, I am left with mum yattering constantly about all the things you have heard before, over and over again. Oh God, why did you take my dad away from me, I can't act that I am deaf, only...
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    Six weeks since mum went into CH and siblings want to clear house and rent it

    :)You do has you feel is right for you and your mum. I am an only child, so I have it all too myself, which is hard, but in another sense easier. But if your sisters haven't helped you with care etc... ignore them, take your time...... Vultures come into mind!
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    :confused:Hi, Unfortunately, I am in the same situation. My mother and father was married for 57 years and dad died of Bone Cancer from Prostrate Cancer last June, aged 87. Mum and I cared for him for the 6 months he was ill and it was during this time we noticed mum's behaviour was strange. She...