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    "Memory clinics to spot dementia"

    Garland's picture - page 18 of Daily Telegraph (4 Feb) Am I being too sensitive when I find this picture insensitive, even offensive? I associate Garland as a cartoon creator and to me there is nothing remotely amusing about this picture.
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    Sean Tuan John - How I Faded and Disintegrated

    Not sure where this should be posted, but thought others may be interested. This is a production at the Wales Millenium Centre this week - Thursday & Friday only - 19 & 20 June. Saw a write up in the Western Mail yesterday. It seems Sean Tuan John has a keen interest in the care of older...
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    Opporrtunity to put your questions to the Prime Minister

    You & Yours 26 April BBC Radio 4 You & Yours programme will be broadcast from Manchester on Thursday 26th April when the main discussion will be on the cost of care. There were a couple of trailers for it on today's edition, I think they said there were tickets available to attend the...
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    fundraising ideas

    Hi wedding girl, What a lovely idea, especially designating research for your donation. Another suggestion - ask your guests to leave a memory on the, which includes the opportunity to donate to the Million Memories campaign. Hope you have a wonderful day and...
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    what now?

    Hi Storm, Sorry to hear about your loss and very understandable feelings. Have you tried contacting your local branch - some of them run courses or activities for former carers. A year or two ago there was a scheme of special grants (from Lottery?) for former carers - working in groups...
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    Wheee! Highlight of the day

    Million Memories Hi everyone, I found this wonderful thread today and was particularly taken with the lovely picture of Gemini's puppy in post #60 (two years ago). I've just been browsing and am planning (with my son's help) to add a memory & a picture. The site...
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    What's the best way to recruit carers?

    Hi Ruth, Why don't you contact your local branches, talk to the Chairperson and offer to make a presentation to a carer's group on the work that clinical psychologists do, in particular how they may be able to help people with dementia and their carers. As long as they don't get the...
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    NICE and Medication

    Question Time 16th Nov Hi all, Did anyone watch Question Time last night? During a discussion on compensating prisoners for their "cold turkey" treatment, Robert Kilroy-Silk managed to get in a criticism of the NICE decision on Alzheimers' drugs, among others. It seemed to be...
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    Hospitals - Please talk to us

    Death Certification Death Certificates give the doctor the opportunity to put down the immediate cause (eg pneumonia), underlying conditions (eg demetia, cancer) and associated conditions (eg thyroid ). Often they will put only the immediate cause, or add another underlying condition...
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    Hi Nat, So sorry to read of your problems. Some years ago I knew a lady (admittedly in her 80s) who had severe face pain that was finally diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN). From what I read at the time, if they can find a cause for the pain it isn't TN!!! As I recall she was...
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    feeding tube

    PEG feeding My mother-in-law had a PEG following a stroke that had rendered her both unable to swallow safely and largely unresponsive. (There had been concern prior to stroke that she might be developing dementia, but I was not convinced; seemed to me more like severe anxiety with perhaps...
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    Alzheimers In the Media

    Don't forget the Archers I'm not a soap watcher, myself, but an Archers Addict! Their story line on Alzheimer's involves Jack Woolley (PWD) and his wife Peggy. Both the actors have had experience of a close relative with AD. This story line started, I think, in autumn 2005 and is still running...
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    Fundraising through recycling

    Thanks Alix, Would your team know what branches, areas, and regions may be doing in this respect? Pembie
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    Fundraising through recycling

    For those of us who are not able or inclined for these treks, runs, etc, but who are keen to help the Society as well as the environment through recycling, what products can we donate & where/how? I currently have a pot full of used stamps. I give aluminium foil to a local Scout Group I...