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    I think the first note says 'I am very sad my ....... ....... and my type writer (?) are both missing. The second note just repeats the name of the two items and then 'missing'.
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    Photo ID

    It might be a good (and cheaper) idea to apply for a provisional driving licence even though you have no intention of ever driving! I know somebody who has done this just to provide photographic identity.
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    Incessant Moaning

    I have exactly the same from my OH. He used to be such a positive person but now moans about everything and everybody and, of course, everything is totally my fault! The biggest problem is when he has forgotten something I've told him and moans about that. I've even tried to apologise for...
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    Mother's toenails very bad

    Our Age UK centre has two different nail cutting services. One is run by a trained podiatrist and one by others (possibly Health Care Assistants or something similar). When OH used their services he had to go to the podiatrist as he was on blood thinking medication at the time. I think it cost...
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    Attendance Allowance?

    I know our local Age UK has a stock of these forms if this is easier for you.
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    Attendance Allowance?

    OH was diagnosed three years ago and I've now asked Age UK to help to complete application form. As he is in complete denial that there is anything wrong with him and doesn't realise that I help in any way this is likely to be difficult. I have spoken to volunteer who advised me that the form...
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    Kevinl, that was a week to remember

    I can only agree with everyone else who has posted. Sending best wishes to you both.
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    Dementia Friendly Hospital!

    In June this year my OH (with mild/moderate dementia) was diagnosed as requiring a hip replacement. My immediate concern was the need for a general anaesthetic but fortunately we were told that he could have a spinal anaesthetic and would be given a sedative so that he would not be awake during...
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    Good night, sweetheart, sleep tight

    I will be thinking of you and your family today.
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    William has gone

    Sincere condolences and thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
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    Respite holidays

    Since my OH was diagnosed we have gone on several coach holidays. Although these are not holidays that I would have chosen before dementia struck they have been surprisingly successful. We are collected from our local town and taken to the destination without any worries. (Journeys by car are...
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    My OH also takes Memantine which has improved his aggression and anxiety.
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    another mess up from an outside agency, fed up

    I am also struggling with phone numbers. My OH has mild dementia and is still OK to be left on his own at the moment. However he can't deal with any business calls or take messages. I've therefore been asking all appropriate people to delete our home number and just use my mobile. Getting them...
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    Happy Fathers Day Dad

    And also my Father (25 years ago) but I still miss him!
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    another mess up from an outside agency, fed up

    I wonder if it was QOF? My OH is classified as a QOF patient. It stands for 'Quality of Outcomes Framework' and as far as I can work out it is a way for GPs to tick boxes and get extra funding. Please note this is only my guess work and somebody else may come along with another...
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    Diazapam, Lorazepam and now withdrawal of Aricept

    MY OH was prescribed Memantine last October after a particularly distressing period of anxiety/aggressiveness. Although he is still only on a 5mg daily dose I think it has improved things a little but it's difficult to be sure as it coincided with me retiring and being able to intervene to calm...
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    Bunions and swollen feet

    You may also find the following links useful: I have found them all to be good quality shoes and their mail order service is excellent.
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    scared of my Dad

    I am so sorry to hear such dreadful news. My sincere condolences to you and your family.
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    Handwashing... help please :)

    You could also use a dispenser like this for your choice of liquid soap: or even this electronic dispenser (not cheap!)