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  1. Brianj

    The Home needs its money

    Hello Everybody It's always good to share in this space. I have posted two threads about our battle against the PCT which first tried to invalidate our mother's will, which leaves half the home to us children under a tenancy in common. They backed down. They are now claiming the the house...
  2. Brianj

    Battle with the PCT

    Mum going first Hi Alison My mother had created a tenancy in common in 2002. My father went into a home in 2003 after a few years of respite. My mother died last September even though we all thought he would go first it wasn't the case. I suppose if my mother had been wiser, at the time...
  3. Brianj

    Battle with the PCT

    Hello Everyone and thanks to those who contributed to my thread which I started 23 March 2007. Here is the link to remind you I have just heard from our lawyer, who was handling probate, and he states this I have now heard...
  4. Brianj

    Power Of Attorney info

    Do you know what the procedure is, if there is one, to move from an existing EPA to an LPA if the donor who was able to give permission for the original EPA is now seriously incapacitated? Thanks in advance Brianj
  5. Brianj

    Power Of Attorney info

    PA and EPA Hi MillyP It is very important to have power of attorney and there has been discussion on this site concerning this. Look at this thread Someone (forgotten who) may come in and mention Lasting power of...
  6. Brianj

    Where is everyone from?

    yes but It is so oddball it deserves a special category of its remember last year's Eurovision Song Contest? All Finns look like that ;) Brianj
  7. Brianj

    'Take me home with you'

    Courage Hello Sheila I'm sure more seasoned experienced members can give you help and support but having read your message I just want to say how very brave and caring you are to support your mother by visiting despite all your adversities. Do you see it that way too? It sticks out a mile in...
  8. Brianj

    Where is everyone from?

    From Finland One day Brucie can add Finland to the list. I thought I might add a photo of how it was in my garden this winter which is just over. The town is Nokia which of course is the centre of the mobile phone world all face north east and shout bringgg bringgg Brianj
  9. Brianj

    AD DRUGS - or others....??

    EPA or PA Hello Jude If you have Enduring Power of attorney the document should state the conditions. As stated above it is mainly financial although in one magazine I have it says What are my duties as an attorney? You must act in the best interests of the donor and consider their...
  10. Brianj

    i want my dad back

    Sarah-Anne Thanks for sharing your feelings. My mother died 6 months ago. I miss her very much and when I went to the house two months ago the only things I took away back to Finland were two clothes pegs. The last time I was with her in June she told me off for hanging out the clothes...
  11. Brianj

    Are we doing the right thing?

    so sorry Andy No words can help eh Andy. Many of us have been there and it still doesn't help. It was my father who went in. I decided that I would be there for him although once he was in a nursing home he was getting quite good care. I then focussed ALL my attention on my mother who had...
  12. Brianj

    It sometimes seems so futile

    Thank you I would like to thank Noelphobic, Helena, Sue 38, Libby and Brucie for taking the time to read and reply to my messages. I will get advice and not give up. Best wishes Brianj
  13. Brianj


    Jealous??? Hello Chip From second hand experience I know my mother had problems with my father for about 3 years at home. He would get very jealous if she spoke to another person, even though it was a neighbour or a known friend. I found her diary after she died last year and she had written...
  14. Brianj

    Sudden Deterioration

    Complications with medicines Hi there I remember my mother was always worried about the concoctions my father received. It was not so much the single prescription but the others all mixing together in the body. My father seemed to go from bad to worse and then better again. These undulations...
  15. Brianj

    Happy Birthday Talking Point!

    Hi Norman I know this question was not aimed at me but it made me think. For me a celebrity should have an experience of Alzheimer's in some form especially having a record of caring for someone or having it themselves. There is one quote from a USA historian Daniel J Boorstin. He said...
  16. Brianj

    help I am going mad

    Gerrie's message When I read Gerrie's message it reminded me of all the times I stayed with my father, to give my mother some kind of break. I would travel from Finland 6 times a year for 7 days at a time. One day (2000) I decided to sit quietly and record (by writing) 40 minutes of dialogue...
  17. Brianj

    It sometimes seems so futile

    "Hi Brian and welcome to TP. I've moved your post because I think you will get more replies here." Thanks for that Brenda :-) "I assume this means that the PCT are objecting to money being left to people other than your father. Is that right? " Yes my mother made a tenants in common...
  18. Brianj

    Alzheimer's documentary!

    Emotions and petition "However, I would find it extremely difficult to be interviewed person to person, as I know I would be unable to control my emotions. " I agree Sylvia - it is very difficult for me not to get angry. I noticed recently a petition available to us on the 10 Downing Street...
  19. Brianj

    It sometimes seems so futile

    My name is Brian (living in Nokia Finland) and my father has Alzheimers. My carer mother died last year and now we are battling with Peterborough PCT who are trying to invalidate my mothers Will which she made the first time my father 'went in'. It was a tenancy in common. They state she tried...