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    NHS new service / are pills to slow dementia down a good idea?

    My partner has been taking Donepezil for about 18months and although his memory is slowly declining I don't think the meds have 'hurt' him in any way. I do feel that tackling any under lying depression is of real importance, depression is sometimes put down to dementia when it may be treatable...
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    sorry for all your losses but

    A few lessons I hold on to are, Firstly don't think about age, its' only a number on a bit of paper, we are all so very different. Secondly don't count the years, only the tax man need to do that! Thirdly do try to pack into each day something positive, a special cup of coffee, a bunch of...
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    Welcome to Talking Point - introduce yourself here

    Mo Hello, My first time! My partner has Alzheimers' but I'm not coping very well! We have not yet called me a 'carer' but I am without doubt! I have not been out without him for over two years, other than to hospital or dental appointments. He is so dreadful when I return I dread going home...