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    saying hello and asking for help

    its been so long since i last wrote on talking point but our struggle is becoming overwhelming. my dad was always such a marvellous gentleman, kind, calm, quiet and loving. the man i knew has now gone and we are left with a verbally nasty and aggresive man. dad is 5 years into this cruel...
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    hello all

    thanks hi thanks so much for that it finally feels good to get this of my chest rather than bury it. my mum and Dad have been married 50 years and i think she desperatly doeasnt want it to be real. Dad is lucky, mum is a born carer always helping others. have spoken to the GP and have wrote...
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    hello all

    hi everyone, i am new here and have only just joined this evening. the reason i have joined is beause of my concernes over my Dad, over the past 2 years things have begun to get progresivly worse, it started with just very small things but now regually forgets his only 2 grandchildrens names...