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    LPA and buying/selling property help! x

    Can anyone help with the process of moving house when LPA is involved? My poor parents are having a nightmare. My dad has dementia and in 2017 I set up LPA for him with my mum as the attorney. Further down on the form it lists myself and my brother as replacement attorneys should anything...
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    a DVD idea that works

    it think it's about finding that one thing that just clicks. I'm hoping to come up with some other ideas as i am getting a bit bored with the train video now lol
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    a DVD idea that works

    no problem thanks guys, I'm sure people can find that sort of thing by searching google anyway :) I just was so pleased at how something so simple triggered something for my dad i thought it worth sharing. hoping to post more on the forum when i get the time
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    a DVD idea that works

    My dad used to love reading and watching films but can no longer concentrate or understand but he always loved the railway and i so bought him a DVD which was a drivers eye view from the cab of a train journey he knew well. The journey only takes about half an hour going from his home station...