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    Different Support Needs for Younger People with dementia

    I recently attended a pre-Christmas fair at which there were two stalls with juke boxes. It did occur to me that a juke box could possibly be a focus for groups of older early-onset people.
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    Tropical island without sea, Sand and palm trees.

    We also have one of these heaters, although quite old. I find that, even on the lowest setting, she starts to caramelise if I forget to turn it off at the wall! More seriously, I think my wife does quite genuinely feel the cold much more these days. She is no longer sufficiently mobile to...
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    Getting up in the morning

    Many thanks for all the reassurance. My wife got up for lunch and then got washed and dressed – just as you’d suggested! She does have reason to be tired – we’ve had a fairly busy couple of weeks and, although she sleeps well, nights are disturbed for continence reasons – and last night wasn’t...
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    Getting up in the morning

    My wife of 83 has early to mid stage Alzheimer’s and a multi-drug resistant UTI, which is not being treated until stents in one of her ureters are removed in the New Year. For the last couple of weeks, on some days, she’s been very reluctant to get up – for breakfast/carer. And always, after...
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    Tips for conversations, anyone?

    This sounds very like SPECAL (Contented Dementia by Oliver James, which I have found very helpful conceptually as well as practically, and is recommended by our Memory Assessment Service). I don’t think he says anything about phone conversations as such, but I suspect some of the techniques he...
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    Hubby is cross and forgetful GP says he is too young !!!!!!!!!!

    Memory Assessment Services This will not be much help to you, Bartlett27 - sorry - but may be to others reading your comment. My wife was referred to our local Memory Assessment Centre (albeit after some persistence) where she was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment, with a follow-up...
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    Health and Welfare LPA - instructions and guidance

    Thanks to oldfella and NeverGiveUp. We do intend to have fall-back attorneys - particularly ones who are younger than ourselves! But it is a useful point to talk through one’s wishes in case they conflict with the attorney’s principles. One of our fall-backs may have different views from us...
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    Health and Welfare LPA - instructions and guidance

    Thank you for suggestions Many thanks to both jenniferpa and nitram for their useful comments and welcome. I had found the justice link, which was useful, although more in terms of what couldn’t be in an LPA rather than what might be. I think you are right to discourage us from putting too...
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    Health and Welfare LPA - instructions and guidance

    I am a newcomer to Talking Point, so please excuse me if I'm doing things wrongly. My wife and I are wanting to make Health and Welfare LPAs appointing each other as attorney. We want to make sure that the restrictions/conditions and guidance answers are as comprehensive as possible, both...