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    Pete's long goodbye is over

    So very sorry for your loss. Hugs x
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    FTD and also now MND

    I am sorry and don't wish to come across as awkward. But I have to reiterate that as long as it is called The Altzheimers Society people will keep associating all types of Dementia as Altzheimers. If you have a loved one that suffers from a different type of Dementia than Altzheimers you will...
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    FTD and also now MND

    Hi Malc, Thank you for reply, but my point is that more people are aware of Alzheimers than ever before, which is excellent but along the way of making people aware we have forgotten to make them aware that there are many types. And all these signs we are asked by the media to look for is...
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    FTD and also now MND

    Hello All, It is a few months since I last posted on here. The reason for that is in September my husband who had originally been diagnosed with Vascular Dementia was finally diognosed with Frontal Temporal Dementia with Motor Neurone Desease. So we have spent many hours in hospitals and...
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    Diagnosis so sad

    Hello, I posted last week that my hubby was going into hospital for tests. We were sat down by Neurologist and Specialist Nurse to be given results. As already discussed with us previously they said hubby was suffering from Frontal Lobe Dementia and not as originally diagnosed in Feb with...
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    Tests set for tomorrow

    Thank you so much for that info Sylvia. I have now downloaded, printed and filled in the form, hopefully the relevant people will see it if I attach it to his notes at the bottom of his bed.
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    Tests set for tomorrow

    Hi, Just wanted to say hubby goes in to hospital tomorrow for various tests, he will be in for a few days. Tests are because he has problems with his breathing, and has lost a lot of weight and muscles are wasting. He was diagnosed in Feb of this year with Vascular Dementia, but the Neurologist...
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    Healthcare Professionals need Dementia Training!!

    Hi, I have read your posts with interest and understand exactly where you are coming from, however I have to say also that each person is different. My hubby, now will not accept the diagnosis of Dementia. He was told on Tuesday, he has in the Neurologists opinion been misdiagnosed with Vascular...
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    Water Bill capped.

    Hi Truth, Yes it is a government scheme, I also thought that we would not be entitled to water bill capping, as we are not on any benefits. However we are in receipt of Council Tax reduction of 25 per cent as anybody is who has recieved a diagnosis of Dementia. So form filled in, with proof...
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    Water Bill capped.

    The form itself is easy to fill in however the criteria to claim explanation, is not so easy to follow, as it states you should be in receipt of various benefits etc and gives a list. As we are not in receipt of benefits I first thought we would not be succesful, however I then read one of the...
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    Water Bill capped.

    I filled a form in last week to claim water bill capping as husband has dementia. I also enclosed a letter from the Doctor, plus proof of council tax reduction for my husbands illness. I recieved a phone call from the Water Authority today to say claim has been succesful. Hope this helps others.
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    Can not breath, without him.

    Sending you a hug, so so sorry for the loss of your Special Man.
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    Muscle Wasting re Frontotemporal Dementia anyone else experienced this

    Hello, I am looking for experience, or opinions from anybody who has seen or is dealing with muscle wasting and weight loss as part of Frontotemporal Dementia. My hubby was diagnosed in Feb this year with Vascular Dementia. However, yesterday we were told by another professional that they...
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    Yet another diagnosis confused and so upset, not sure why

    Thank you to you all for taking the time to reply to my post. xx
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    Yet another diagnosis confused and so upset, not sure why

    Hello All, I am feeling so upset today, we have just got back from hubby seeing the Neurologist. He seems to think that my husband hasnt got Vascular Dementia (he was diagnosed with VD in Feb of this year at the Memory Clinic, by a different Specialist, who also said she thought he had...
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    Great Admiration for you and hope you have a wonderful time. Take care xx;)
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    Hi - I am new! Husband recently diagnosed with vascular dementia

    Hi, My husband was diagnosed in January with Vascular Dementia and also the start of Alzheimers. Although I knew something was wrong and was probably Dementia it was still a shock being "officially" diagnosed. As my husbands short term memory fluctuates every day, I to found I was questioning...
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    Mission accomplished!!!!!

    Hi, Well thats made me chuckle, maybe it'll be a hat trick before the end of the day. x ;)
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    Help me understand please....

    Hi, What a horrible time you and your precious Dad are having at the moment. I do hope that now he has been taken to another hospital although very unfortunate, a fresh pair of eyes may come up with some answers for you and maybe will do a CT or MRI scan when you explain to them how he has...
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    Sleeping so much.

    Hi and thanks to you all for your input. My hubby is 74 yrs, isn't on any medication for his dementia as they were unable to put him on anything. He has been on lamotrigine twice a day for over 5 yrs as they thought he may have had a partial seizure, (I never thought he was, but was told I am...