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    I don't trust those tests at all, it is merely only a snapshot in my opinion. Let's face it who likes exams of any kind, we can all panic and not do so well at any exam, and our blood pressure rises to go with it! My Dad was still scoring high on the test and in mid to late stages of alzheimers...
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    1 Year On

    Great present. Happy birthday and good luck to you!
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    Living with end of life

    Oh love. Your poor Dad and poor you. He is made of strong stuff fighting these infections. I just hope you are coping ok. It's so tiring physically and emotionally xx
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    Junes at peace

    Oh Tony I am so sorry to hear of your news. You have been a truly fantastic husband to your beautiful wife and she will be so grateful for all your have done for her. May she rest in peace. Xx
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    my lovely wife June

    So sorry to hear your situation Tony. You have been there for June, you have been her rock. I am thinking of you xx
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    Mum at End of life stage

    I know what you mean about the pain thing when swallowing. My Dads face looked in pain but I do think like cragmaid it was to do with the struggle to swallow and the fluid getting stuck and then swallowing over and over to get rid. So sorry to hear of your situation I know it's so hard. X
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    Mum not long to go

    So sorry for your loss. Stay strong xx
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    Nearly the end

    Hope you are staying strong. Been thinking of you. So sad xx
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    Mum not long to go

    Hi Linda, end of life drugs are only administered when they are required, eg if there is a build up of excess mucus or pain relief if required. My Dad did not require end of life drugs at all. I questioned this all the time, but the nurse said as he was peaceful he didn't need them. To be fair...
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    Dads, endless end of journey

    How have you got on with your Dad? X
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    I've never posted much here but

    My thoughts are with you, it is so hard right now. It will get easier, you will find a new normal in time. Stay strong
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    So, here we are.

    How beautiful! Forgotten what it is like to hold a newborn. My youngest is 2, time has passed so quickly. Enjoy these precious moments xx
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    The end has come

    My thoughts are with you. I wish you strength during these hard times. It does get easier. Not at first but it will, you will feel grateful that your beautiful mum is now at peace. She will be watching over you. Red x
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    good bye from frederic H

    I feel for you Frederic, my Mum and Dad were together for 53 and married 50 when Dad died in August 2016. My thoughts are with you. I hope you find the strength within. Take care. Red x
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    Advice needed - Mum on End of Life Care - a total rollercoaster

    My Dad lasted 12 days with no food and minimal fluids. On day 12 we visited him in the morning time and his right elbow was purple, then the mottling began starting at his feet and eventually to his face. Once it reached his face it was a matter of an hour if that. He had warm hands at first and...
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    That is good that he is back at the nursing home. He will certainly feel more settled in a familiar environment. It got that way my Dad didn't recognise us but he responded well to the care and nursing staff in the home. Keep posting.
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    Rarkaah I am so sorry to hear this, it's a cruel disease. How is your Dad today? I appreciate you may not have gone into hospital yet but do let us know.
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    Ringing daily my Dads nursing home...

    Rarkaah thanks for your request although I have no idea how to accept!!
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    Ringing daily my Dads nursing home...

    I know Rarkaah it's horrible, and you feel a burden in a way ringing all the time and then don't care in another, it's your Dad and that is that. Sadly, comfortable is all you can hope for at this stage. My Dad passed in August this year, towards the end I wished him a peaceful passing most...
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    Stay positive Tony, it's all you can do sadly. Do your best for June, I have read many of your posts over time and she sounds a lovely lady. She would want you to make the most of Christmas. Do what you can. Red