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    My nan has a very bad memory.

    Hi Chantelle, my mother in law has suffered from memory problems for years and her NHS doctor has told her for 3 years it was due to stress - when we took her private she was immediately diagnosed with Alzheimer's. If you have health insurance or the money I recommend you try a private doctor...
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    BBC Website for Carers

    Thanks for the link Grey Lad, very helpful
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    Mother-in -law diagnosed yesterday

    Hi Canary, thanks very much for the welcome. She's starting a prescription today, hopefully one of those, I'll need to check with her. I've heard some promising stories about medication from friends who have loved ones with Alzheimer's so I'm really hoping the meds have a positive effect...
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    Mother-in -law diagnosed yesterday

    Hi all, I'm James from Bangor. Yesterday my wife's mother, 62, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's which came as a big shock. We knew something was wrong and that brain shrinkage was possible, but to find out it's Alzheimer's, especially at that young age, was tough. To be honest I don't know...