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    No Idea How to Manage Today

    Mum used to get urinary tract infections all the time, but for the last few years she hasn't had a single one (although I hesitate to say that as she'll probably get one now). The difference is that either the carers or myself deal with all the washing and toileting and she's well padded up.That...
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    Help and advice needed

    Mum was like a wild animal before Xmas - started on 20mg of memantine a day and after a few weeks is now very quiet and calm. I’m not sure if it isn’t too large a dose as she is never so quiet and is not ‘herself’ - but the carers are happy ...
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    The best advice I ever got (9 yrs ago and about 4 yrs ago) was from the Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Belfast. I’ll be forever grateful to them and if I needed help they’d be my first port of call again. The different organisations seem to hv amalgamated now...
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    Struggling to care

    Hi Carolan1 If you live and work 45 mins away then do you think you could make a case with the social services for some financial help? If you had a direct payment then you could manage the money yourself to suit your routine. That way you could put all the resources into ‘sits’. You should be...
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Just an update on my search for a pureed Christmas meal. No-one in my mother’s area offered this. In the end the local hotel chef said he would do it, although he wasn’t aware of the specifics initially. It was good value, appetising, with a cranberry jus in the middle and a container of turkey...
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    Coping with the stress of mum's dementia from 300 miles away

    Hi Boromir - the live-in carer option sounds perfect! I've not heard of a company offering that before. I hope your dad can come home and benefit from that. (Make sure he's not left to lie in bed all day where is he is - that happened mum last xmas and she's not been back on her feet since...)
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    Experience of 24 hour home care

    My mother has had 24hr care for a number of years at home - but half of that has always been me - and now it's closer to mostly me! I was lucky to be with a great agency to start with and the manager always found me suitable people - she used to send them up to meet us first. As time went on...
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    Coping with the stress of mum's dementia from 300 miles away

    Hi Boromir I just wanted to jot down a few quick thoughts I had on your situation: - a friend had live in carers and she said that worked v well, but she did need two of them so they could each have time off - I found my 6+ hr weekly journey very tedious until I started to use it to organise...
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Oh well I’d just tried microwaving and whizzing with milk - looked and smelt great until I whizzed, adding more milk - result - gloop! Thanks - so next time - elbow grease!! If doesn’t work I’ll try hot milk too thanks!!
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Too good to be true - they don't deliver to all parts of the UK! Useful for the rest of you though!
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    A trick of the trade - that sounds delicious, thanks Jessbow. (When I used to just add milk and butter to potato it went into gloop as you say - but when the carer did it always tasted perfect!) That potato could replace the frozen pureed potato in the ready meal too.
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Hi Louise - thanks so much for this - I'd looked there but somehow hadn't seen that. I see they even do a festive pack! We'll get a few to try now - let's hope they deliver to all parts of the UK ...
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Instant mash a great idea AliceA thanks - will look for Maggi as 'gloop' was my main problem with the potato I pureed! I've just googled and found a creamy mash with lots of calories so it's on the shopping list too. I've tried freezing stuff but somehow my offerings never seems as good as...
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Thank you Jessbow for those insider tips - especially 'across the grain'! I spent ages pureeing that roast dinner in separate sections before (with mum calling me every few seconds) - then when I presented it she detected lumps and had spat it all out in a few minutes. I think I have challenging...
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    Thank you Canary - that article looks very useful - I hadn't thought of using a mini food processor for one portion. Lots of ideas there - at least there is a month or so to practice!
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    Puréed Christmas meals

    This will be mum’s first Christmas on puréed food. I was disappointed to see that the nationwide company that provide great puréed meals won’t be offering puréed Christmas fare. I think those on a purée diet will still expect something festive on Christmas Day! Does anyone know of a company that...
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    Mum's sodium levels sky high, infection, dehydration. Is CH at fault?

    My mother was also taken to hospital in June with sepsis, severe dehydration, high sodium and inflammation levels. To cut a long story short she survived to fight another day that time. After about 6 weeks her appetite returned and for a while she seemed better than she's been for a long time...
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    Coping with the stress of mum's dementia from 300 miles away

    Hi there - I managed to juggle both worlds on a weekly basis for 7 yrs (3weekly basis for 3 yrs before that.) I spent half week at work across the water + ‘me’ time in evening when away. Then back to mum to take on full-time care for 3-4 days. I asked if care package cd be based on fact that I...
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    Ideas for activities I can do at home with mum who has dementia

    When she's in the mood my mum still enjoys putting on her make-up - lipstick, powder and eye shadow - the full face! She also likes to choose her earrings and necklace. (She has however lost interest in choosing her outfit and painting her nails.)
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    Dietician visiting mum at home

    I find the dietician visits very useful and they always think of something I haven't tried. They also know the full range of hi cal products out there so they can change your mother's prescription as required - more calories, more protein and/or different flavours of juices, creamy drinks, shots...